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Tortu – VUI Design Tool


About Tortu

Tortu is a Voice User Interface design tool to help computers speak to us more naturally.

“In Tortu we believe in the future where people can speak with devices the same way they speak with humans. It highly depends on how elaborated the dialogue can be. That is why we created Tortu, to help people easily design the most difficult conversations.”

Pavel Gvay, founder of Tortu

Useful resources

Here are some useful resources on Tortu and VUI design, written by Tortu founder, Pavel Gvay:

[link-preview url=”https://medium.com/tortu-blog/welcome-to-tortu-256ed82065bf”]

[link-preview url=”https://hackernoon.com/what-tool-to-chose-for-voice-user-interface-design-b4122f657e44″]

[link-preview url=”https://blog.prototypr.io/vui-design-practice-review-atom-tickets-e8890c06aef8″]

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