Newsletters > Issue #3: A ‘UX Research Shootout’ 🀠 + Teaching Yourself UX Design πŸ“š

A ‘UX Research Shootout’ 🀠 + Teaching Yourself UX Design πŸ“š

Design, Prototyping and Inspiration

Welcome to Issue #3

  • There’s a ‘UX shootout‘ this week, 🀠 with Barry Prendergast setting the record straight on the importance of design research.

  • We also have prototyping updates, & tips to bridge the designer/dev gap with some CSS magic.

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β˜•οΈ 3 Top Stories

From essential UX resources to a User Research shootout:

1. How to Teach Yourself UX Design πŸ“š

Kai-Ting Huang, Interaction designer at Google, tells us of her amazing learning journey from college to the design industry, also sharing a living list of UX resources for self-starters.

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2. My Response to β€œUser Research Is Overrated”

Must read. Barry Prendergast shoots down Jonathan Courtney’s gung ho opinions that user research is a waste of time. πŸ”«

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3. How to Construct a Design System πŸ“

Colm Tuite shares some tips for designing and building a consistent design system over on the freeCodeCamp blog.

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βš’ 3 Prototyping Picks

A roundup of prototyping tips and tricks from around the web:

1. Stop Talking and Start Sketching – Paper Prototyping Tips

Graeme Fulton shares a tips and tricks for paper prototyping over on the Marvel blog. βœ‚οΈ

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2. Documenting Animations in the Prototyping Process

Dennis Hatwieger helps designers integrate their animations into a design language, and demonstrates his theory with a prototype!

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3. Building Programming Principles into Design Tools

Figma are making design systems easier to create, maintain and use across an entire team with their release of Team Libraries.

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✨ 3 CSS Tricks

Here’s some CSS magic that can help us think across the designer/dev gap:

1. Introducing Stacksβ€Šβ€”β€ŠFlexbox for Sketch

Anima App give Sketch app users the ability to apply Flexbox technology directly in Sketch. Designers can now think and design in terms of Columns, Rows, and Grids.

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3. CSS Animations Like a Pro

Ibrahim Nergiz on creating animation magic using keyframes and animation properties such as timing, delay, and play state.

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3. Margin or Padding? πŸ€”

β€œWhen should I use margin? When should I use padding? Does it even matter?” Philipp Sporrer lets us know.

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πŸ™ Thanks for reading the 3rd edition.

As usual, here are 3 prototype interactions to round things off – made with prototyping tools such as Framer and Principle.

Extra: ❀️ 3 Awesome Prototypes

Adapt Shopping Cart

We keep experimenting with the visual data adaptation in different cases. Here is the Framer prototype of Shopping cart of iOS app. Depending on the height cart container, the user sees a different views of its content. What comes next? More details. Link to the Framer prototype

Product Browsing

Interaction for product browsing πŸ’»

Travel Details

The simple user flow of adding your travel details in the hostel app. Get in touch πŸ’Œ

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