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Sketch is a Development Platform 😁, and Have You Heard of ‘Alive Design’?

Design, Prototyping and Inspiration

Welcome to Issue #6. We have some amazing reads for you this week:

  • 3 design ideas, including a new concept: ‘Alive Design’.
  • Sketch is changing the game, read about it in the 2nd section on tools.
  • Finally, 3 more practical tips including animation and grids.

🤔 3 Design Ideas

One of the best reads of the year is #1 this week ✨. Be sure to check it out if you don’t read anything else in this letter.

1. Alive vs. Static Design ✨ Mobile Experience for the Future

Christina Pan introduces ‘Alive Design’ – it’s a wave of the future for GOOD mobile experiences, translating to better engagement, retention, and even better monetization.

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2. Scrolling on the web: A primer 🖱

, program Manager at Microsoft Edge drops some knowledge on one of the oldest interactions on the web.

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3. How to Build an Honest User Interface

You can build the best product in the world, but if nobody knows it exists can it really be the best? 👻

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💥 3 Prototyping Updates

Sketch is old and now developers have made it into a development platform:

1. Sketch 43 is coming to town with a new game. An open file format!

Sketch 43 will be out in a few weeks, and it will fundamentally change how the design tools game will be played out in the coming years.

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2. Framer Release a Library of Components

A library of components at your fingertips. Just one click to insert blocks of code.

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3. Prototyping with Kite Compositor (Intro)

Eleanor gives us a quick intro of prototyping with Kite Compositor.

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🔧 3 Practical Tips

From animation to grid systems, check it out 👇

1. Animating the right way in UX

Sophie Riwaters explains how the expectations of users have changed over the last few years, and how to use animation to best suit them.

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2. Flinto: Custom Pull-To-Refresh Gesture Animation

walk you through how to create a pull-to-refresh animation in Flinto.

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3. Better grid systems in UI design tools

Designers must be able to explore the consequences of grids visually—not just in code. By Ryan Lucas.

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🙏 Thanks for reading issue #6, keep in touch!

Extra: ❤️ 3 Awesome Prototypes

AI powered- Schedule a meeting

Hello, guys! Use case: (Book meeting inside your office) 1. Most of the time I miss my important meeting, because of so much data in a screen with calendar view 2. Usually, people book same time every day we can add the to your favorite timing using machine learning so that we will be easy for future bookings 3. I want to see the today meeting alone in one glance 4. We can arrange the meeting by priority and time 6. We see the complete calendar and all time if we click …

How UberEats could make ordering for groups of friends simpler — a UX case study

How UberEats could make ordering for groups of friends simpler — a UX case study UberEats simplifies ordering food I find myself using UberEats (launched early last year) more frequently than the likes of DoorDash primarily because of two reasons: Continuous promotions — They have had some really cool promotions all this while. (No delivery cost upto $5 for an order) Ordering experience — From searching for food to ordering and waiting for it, the app does a good …

Zooming out – iPad Document navigation

Hey guys, We are working on some exciting projects right now. And I wanted to share an interaction we’ve been experimenting on iPad, in order to allow users to quickly browse long documents and get to a certain page. Most reader use sliders to jump between pages, but you never get the chance to actually see the page you’re about to land on. So, we worked on something that allows you to zoom out, get a more high level view of your document and quickly navigate among pages. All done in …

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