Newsletters > Issue #5: Prototyping Tool Fights! πŸ₯Š + Snapchat’s Controversial UI πŸ‘»

Prototyping Tool Fights! πŸ₯Š + Snapchat’s Controversial UI πŸ‘»

Design, Prototyping and Inspiration

Welcome to Issue #5, where we’ll cover these 3 areas:

  1. Prototyping Tool Showdowns! βš’
  2. Design Patterns & Snapchat πŸ‘» Breaking the Rules
  3. Questions on the Design Discipline πŸ€”

πŸ₯Š 3 Prototyping Showdowns

There’s usually more than one tool for the same thing, here they battle it out:

1. Prototyping Fight: Invision vs Marvel πŸ› 

Alex Kukharenko compares InVision with Marvel, finding Marvel is the faster option for him.

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2. Sketch Vs. Figma: The Showdown ⚑️

compares Sketch and Figma in detail, highlighting where each shine the most.

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3. Kite App: Sketch Meets After Effects Meets Keynote

Not a battle as such, but there’s a new sheriff in town! Kite Compositor makes animation with native code output a possibility 😲

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πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸŽ¨ 3 on Rewriting Design Rules

From setting up a design systems to breaking design rules. Enjoy:

1. Setup a Design System

It’s a must read this week! Marco Lopes shows us how to build a design system that provides a unified set of UX, design rules and patterns.

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2. Did Snapchat Succeed ‘Cos of Its Controversial UI?

Carmel DeAmicis of Figma finds out how Snapchat abandoned β€œintuitive UI” in favor of β€œshareable UI”.

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3. How Medium is Trying to be The Snapchat For Text

We’ve seen Snapchat’s UI ripped off in Instagram & WhatsApp Stories. Abhishek Chakraborty introduces us Medium ‘stories’.

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πŸ€” 3 Design Talking Points

What should designers talk about? Who is a designer? What should go in a designer’s portfolio? These 3 posts answer those 3 questions:

1. Designers Talking to Designers About Design … Just Leads to the Same Thing.

John Morgan lets us know why Designers talking to designers about design won’t lead to new ideas – and why the same goes for other disciplines too.

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2. No, We Aren’t All Designers

Victor Yocco dissects Jared Spool’s controversial tweet that anyone involved with the creation of a design is a designer.

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3. The Anatomy of a Design Portfolio

In this article Henrique ‘Foca’ Iamarino discloses his decisions and choices during the craft of his own design portfolio.

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πŸ™ Thanks for reading issue #5!

Below are 3 prototype interactions to round things off – made with prototyping tools such as Principle & Framer.

Extra: ❀️ 3 Awesome Prototypes

Learning by listening – Podcast app concept

πŸ‘‹ Hey dribbblers, What if you could improve / learn a language by listening to podcasts? In other word, to combine business with pleasure. You could just listen to podcasts in your fields of interest – design, politics, sciences etc. – and interact with their transcript to get more context around specific words (definition, translation, prononciation etc). I’m working on the concept and thought I could share with you with a quick proto. Will share more when I’ll digg into other areas of …

Walkthrough State Wavycloud iOS App

Hai dribes, I want to share my work with you guys, I design a bit illustration and animation, Walkthrough user when the first time using Wavycloud iOS app — Will be uploading case study soon onBehance — Thank you for your attention Instagram | Behance

Apartment App Interaction in Framer

You can find the interactive version and the (messy) code here: Have a nice week!

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