Newsletters > Issue #4: Overcoming Google’s Material Design ✂️ + Design Tools Haven’t Changed in 3 Decades! 💥

Overcoming Google’s Material Design ✂️ + Design Tools Haven’t Changed in 3 Decades! 💥

Design, Prototyping and Inspiration

Welcome to Issue #4, we’ll explore 3 sections:

  1. Is Google’s Material Design good or bad?
  2. Why do we use the tools we use for design?
  3. What’s new in design on the Prototypr publication?

🖥 3 on Material Design

Is Material Design good or bad? This week we came across arguments both for and against the use of Material Design 🤔 — it comes down to preference:

1. All That You Need to Try Google Material Design

Chaymae Lougmani shares an in depth case study on the ins and outs of Google’s Material Design Language and how you can use it.

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2. Overcoming Material Design.

While some of you may use Material Design as your UI-North-Star, Nikhil Vootkur tells us why he’s not that big of a fan.

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3. Abstraction vs Skeuomorphism

Joshua Ogle talks skeuomorphism, including how Google focused on depth and motion as important visual cues for digital interfaces.

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⚒ 3 on Prototyping

Here’s some thoughts on why we’re using the tools we use to design:

1. Design Tools Haven’t Changed in 3 Decades! 🔨

Viljami Salminen realises that design tools haven’t fundamentally changed in the past 3 decades, and so there must be something wrong. Our design products are becoming more and more dynamic, but our tools still treat them as blank canvases to paint on. Why?”

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2. Strategies for VR Prototyping 🕶

Tessa Chung explores tools and workflows to better visualize ideas in VR. “How can we see our designs in 360˙ when our tools are flat?”

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3. How to Design Icons for Gestural Interactions 👐

Interesting read on how Claire Haena Shin designed gestural interactions for the prototyping tool, ProtoPie.

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💥 3 from the Publication

From the Oscars to your interface – 3 of many great posts in the Prototypr publication this week:

1. Pretend the Interface Is Magic ✨

Taras Bakusevych shows us some creative ways to technically accomplish interactions that seem close to magic, and how this is the essence of great interaction design.

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2. Redesigning the Oscars Winner Card ✉️

Ali R. Tariq improves on the badly designed cards from the Oscars, designing and iterating upon his own improved version.

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3. 5 Best Practices for Mobile UX 📱

Joanna Ngai of Microsoft uses examples of real apps such as Evernote and Spotify to help us improve our mobile experience.

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🙏 Thanks for reading the 4th edition.

As usual, here are 3 prototype interactions to round things off – made with prototyping tools such as Origami and Principle.

Extra: ❤️ 3 Awesome Prototypes

Future Purchase

User interface by Maki

Onboarding transition

A snippet from Hitch driver onboarding flow. This prototype made by @principle

Card opening concept

Exploring a way of switching between cards, open and close them while keeping a great reading experience. Made with Origami.

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