Newsletters > Issue #98: ✨Marie Kondo your Sketch files, and Webflow e-commerce 🛍 is here!

Prototypr Weekly Issue 98

Issue #98, Friday February 22

✨ “Marie Kondo” your design workflow. ✨Amongst this week’s top reads, we’ve got some tips on staying organised as a designer:

Check them out along with more great posts such as the story of how Susana Binder made the switch from a career in Law to Design!

Then as usual, the second section of this letter has another collection of 8 useful tools, including Webflow’s brand new e-commerce platform 🛍, which can’t be missed. Can they compete with Shopify and Squarespace though?

8 top reads.
Top picks from the blog.

8 tools and resources.
Top picks from the Prototypr toolbox.

1. Webflow Ecommerce
Design, sell, and scale your business with Webflow!

2. Joe Schmoe Avatar Illustrations
An awesome collection of illustrated avatars.

3. Amino: CSS Editor
Amino is a live CSS editor for writing user style sheets.

4. Mixkit
A curated gallery of high-quality videos.

5. Creative Commons Search
Aggregated resources from publicly available repositories of open content.

A tool to simplify the process of finding and generating common icons for your project.

8. Diff
Use browser devtools to design changes and share them with a unique url.