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Issue #97, Friday February 1

Hi all, this week we published Toolbox Issue #7, our first design tool roundup for 2019 πŸŽ‰. Here you’ll find 35 new design tools that you may have missed during January πŸ’Ž, all categorised for easy reading.

πŸ‘‰Read Toolbox #7

In this weekly issue, we have another 8 articles, and 10 top tools of the week. Enjoy!

8 top stories.

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Recommended reads from the Prototypr publication.

10 top tools from last week.

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Top picks from the Prototypr toolbox.

1. Photo Creator
Create realistic stock photos in minutes.

2. STUDIO 2.0
Design, collaborate and publish websites all at once, all on one canvas.

5. Webfont SVG Icons
Streamline the process of creating and maintaining custom SVG icon fonts.

An AI assisted color scheme generator to generate harmonious color palettes.