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Issue #88 Wednesday October 31 πŸŽƒ 

Today we have a new and spooky collection of MIT licensed illustrations, just in time for the scariest day of the year: Introducing unDraw Halloween ! πŸŽ‰ You can download and use these for free in your projects, greetings cards, or even set them as your desktop background. Find out more from the makers over here.

Also, this week, find 16 new tools and resources in the second section of this letter, including an update from a new design tool that’s also a developer tool πŸ‘€.

Starting tomorrow: Idea to Prototype in 30 Days

If you missed it, we’re also running a free 30-day program throughout November. 60 people have already registered, and now with only 60 days until the start of the new year, it’s a great chance to design something new with the community! Find out more πŸ‘‡

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How to Successfully Onboard Your New Job As A Designer
So you just got a new job — Congrats! You convinced them you can do it! Jasmine shares some useful strategies to onboard at your new job.
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When someone says your project won’t work*
There’s always, always an asterisk. Maya reveals the terms behind the phrase “It Won’t Work!”, showing that on our own terms, it can work! 
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How to have a baby, stay a babe and launch a creative agency all at once
Insights on how to build and grow a creative service business, survive and be all badass and cool.
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Pricing Design
Daniel talks about a topic that many designers find uncomfortable to talk about: Pricing. He offers insights on pricing your design work and dealing with price objections.
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Top tools and resources.

A design tool that is also a developer tool.
Hadron is a development environment for designers and developers working together on the same goal.
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unDraw Halloween 2018
A super subjective list of movies for this Halloween, unDraw style! Trick or treat? You decide!
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