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Issue #87 Thursday October 25

Big news this week – Figma announced a brand new integration with Principle, enabling you to build advanced animations from your Figma designs! πŸ™Œ

As well as this, the design to code movement continues with the launch of CodeX from Supernova – check it out in the tools section below.

No more excuses: Idea to Prototype in 30 Days

Want to learn more about new tools? πŸ† Announcing our first 30 day prototyping challenge, starting November 1st. Learn to master low-fi to high fidelity prototyping, whilst working on an idea you’ve always wanted to!

You’ll also get the chance to share your work, get help from the community, and meet more people who love to make things. Find out more πŸ‘‡

Join our 30 day challenge πŸŽ‰



Top Stories.

Stop Complaining; Start Designing
When life gives you lemons, design a Lemonade brand πŸ‹. Signe summarises the talk she gave at PUSH UX conference in Munich.
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Simplify Styling with Functional CSS
Harry explains what functional CSS is, how it compares to traditional CSS, and demonstrates how you can simplify styling with it!
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Acing UX Interviews at  Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook!
It’s interview season again, and you know what that means…
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Dear designer, don’t be fragile
“There are a couple of things that make the difference between a bad or a good designer, and one of them is their fragility.”
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Top Tools and Resources.

Introducing CodeX
A fully automated, real-time platform for automated design/development handoff and advanced prototyping.
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Animate your Figma designs with Principle
Figma have news that’s been months…perhaps years…in the making. Figma now integrates with Principle!
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