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Issue #86 Thursday October 18

This week we saw an unexpected surprise in the new Adobe XD – it’s now possible to prototype voice UIs πŸ’¬πŸŽ‰. With around 1 in 5 adults having access to a smart speaker, and pretty much every smartphone coming with a voice assistant, it definitely makes sense!

If voice isn’t your thing though, we have a total of 16 tools and resources worth checking in the tools section – from the Modulz kickstarter, to a bunch of Figma updates! Check them out, along with some great stories on the blog πŸ‘‡

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Top Stories.

UX is UI (but it shouldn’t be)
The Memorable Experience is the Product. Chris questions where our focus lies when building products under the pressure of release dates.
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Creating Interactive Prototypes in Framer
Framer, the most powerful interactive prototyping tool, just became even more powerful with their latest release.
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How Design fits into Agile
Five years ago I started working on User Interface Design and UX, and I can say that in my experience design into agile is still like a…
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The Bumpy Path from Copywriting to UX
It doesn’t happen overnight. Your teammates don’t wake up, yawn, and decide it’s about time for you to write some interface copy.
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Last week’s blog posts.

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Recommeded reads from the blog.







Top Tools and Resources.

Adobe XD: Voice-Based Prototypes and More Unveiled at Adobe MAX
New capabilities coming to XD: voice prototyping, new animation support, and 3rd-party plugins.
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Modulz: The next step in visual coding.
The visual code editor for designing and building digital products—without writing code.
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