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Issue #85 Wednesday October 10

Hi all, after the launch of Sketch 52 last week, things haven’t got any quieter. Today Webflow launched their new ‘Grid Layout Builder‘, enabling you to build CSS grid-powered layouts without learning any code 🔥! Check it out in the tools section, along with lots of new resources 🛠. 

Another fun project that came about was the Banksy Shredder, which lets you recreate the famous artwork shredding stunt with your own work! This is actually a project that took just 1 hour, which brings the question – what can you make in 1 hour…or even in 30 days?

😃 Soon we’re running a 30 day prototyping challenge, which will give you a chance to make something of your own, have it shared in the community, and win prizes 🏆.

You can preregister for the challenge here, and help run it here.

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