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Issue #84 Wednesday October 3

“If it’s free you are the product”.

Many free platforms these days are designed to hold user attention and capture our personal information, only to be used in ways we wouldn’t permit. Who owns our data has sometimes been unclear, but this might all be changing! This week, we saw the inventor of the 🌐WWW announce his new project that will alter the way personal data is handled on the web – essentially it putting users back in control. 💪 

Apart from this exciting web news, something big was also released in the design tool world: 💎Sketch 52 is here! From designing with data, to an awesome new dark mode – this looks like one of the most feature packed updates for a while! Check out everything that’s new 👇 

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One Small Step for the Web… – Tim Berners-Lee
I’ve always believed the web is for everyone. That’s why I and others fight fiercely to protect it.
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Framer X is Awesome, but it’s not ready
Here’s a balanced review of Framer X from Framer fan Modou Lo. Will you make the switch?
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Making a Chatbot: It Only Works When Your Users Have Problems
Jane Palash, Product Writer at MacPaw describes the process behind the creation of MacPaw’s Facebook Messenger Bot.
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Prototyping Tools in 2018: The Time Machine 🕰
In the last year alone, we saw Sketch become a prototyping tool, Framer X released, and Adobe XD opening up their platform. Check out everything here.
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Top Tools and Resources.

The Brand New Sketch 52.
Our latest update has landed and it’s one of our biggest yet, bringing Dark Mode, Data, a totally redesigned interface…
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Say hello to the new shotsnapp 👋
New interface. New tools. New experience. Create your device mockups with the brand new Shotsnapp app!
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Now you can create flowcharts with Coggle.


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