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Issue #83 Tuesday September 25

Design tools are constantly changing as teams in the space innovate so quickly. If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to see how far we’ve come, take a look back through the biggest updates of the last year with our new 🕰 Time Machine site!

Speaking of updates: Marvel have launched a new Sketch integration, Sketch 52 was released, the new Framer is out, and there are some more great updates in Adobe XD! 👀👇 

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Prototyping with Words and Adobe XD
In order to create the most usable interfaces, content can’t be an afterthought.
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Make a big impact using small words. Cynthia outlines microcopy best practices.
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How I Built My Design Portfolio from Scratch
The portfolio is a good experiment to execute our own design process, from Research to Development.
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If You Leave Me Now: The Microcopy of Saying Goodbye
What to say (and what not) to users who’ve decided to leave or declined your incredible offer.
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Top Stories.

Introducing Marvel + Sketch
The brand new Marvel + Sketch integration features some new additions which will level up your designs, prototypes and the way your whole team works. 
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The Sketch Update We’ve All Been Waiting For, plus a BRAND NEW UX Power Tools!
Jon give us a rundown of Sketch 52, and introduces the brand new UX Power Tools.
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