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Issue #82, Tuesday September 18

Uber rebranded again, Google updated Chrome, and of course the new iPhone was launched (to lots of funny reactions)!

Apart from that mainstream news, we saw lots of new tools and resources launch over the last week. You’ll find 10 in this issue, including how Figma’s design tool is now 3x faster! 👀

Check it out below, as well as the latest and greatest articles on our blog 👇 

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Editor’s Picks.

When You Shouldn’t Take That UX Position
Warning Signs and Red Flags in Your Job Search
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Why It’s So Bloody Confusing Becoming A UX Designer
Arghhh, I’m a UX, UI, CX, IA, IX, Product Designer 🤮
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Principles To Code By
Just like kids dipping their toes in the waters of a whole new world, when learning to program basic rules can allow us to write good code.
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Last week’s top posts.

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Top reads from the last week well worth your time.








10 Top Tools and Resources.



Figma, faster 🏎
File loading, dragging & zooming is now up to 3x faster in Figma!
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Trendy Palettes
Thousands of trendy color palettes in a curated collection, updated daily.
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