Newsletters > Issue #77: 👩‍🎨 You can’t just copy/paste someone’s design: Why designers don’t copy competitors.


Issue #77, Sunday August 5
When someone asks you to simply copy a competitor’s design, how do you reply? This week Mike Brand, Product Designer at Spotify, gives us a great email template response for such situations. Check it out in section 1 along with 4 other top stories this week.
The tools section has 9 more of the latest and greatest tools to check out from the week that’s just gone by too! Jump right in and enjoy! 👇
5 Top Stories.
By Nitesh Kumar Niranjan
Nitesh guides us through changes over time in some of the most used apps around the world, and explains how those changes can teach us to build better UIs.
By Mike Brand
2. Why Don’t You just Copy Their Design
Mike shares a great template to use for when someone asks why you don’t just copy a competitor.
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By Risa Hiyama
3. 3 Tips for designing AR App
Risa released an iOS Augmented Reality App called Pemoji. Here she introduces 3 tips for designing AR App.
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By Kinneret Yifrah
4. The ROI of UX writing
The contribution of microcopy to a business’ profit margin isn’t just a theoretical question of what’s good for the user.
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By Melvin Thambi
5. LiL – iPad & web App case study
Melvin shares a great project that aims to improve the creativity and visualization skills of children by connect parents, kids and mentors.
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9 Tools and Resources.
Get real design inspiration from the best designed and top grossing apps. Analyze product features and microinteractions.
2. Web Typography Resources
A growing list of web typography related apps, tools, plugins and other resources for web designers and web developers.
Typography resources
3. Talebook – UX Research Tool
Talebook has just launched,  helping you take control of your product research, with ready to use interactive templates.
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4. Free Icons, by Tilda
Download free icons for landing pages. More than 400 vector icons, collected in 27 sets for business.
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5. Brandy
A brand asset manager for your menu bar. Keep your team in sync with the correct assets at all times.
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6. Flowries
Flowries is presentation platform that allows you to create animated presentations for free.
Make presentations 
UX Tricks
7. UX Tricks –Design Books & UI/UX Blog
Looking to learn UI/UX design? The UX tricks blog and bookstore has you covered.
Check it out
8. Pair & Compare: Font Pairings
Pair & Compare is a web application that lets you find the best fonts and font-pairings for your next project easily and smoothly.
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UX Collective
9. Design System Basics in Figma
As a design system freak and a Figma lover, I’ve developed a methodology to create design systems easily & efficiently.
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