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Issue #75, Sunday July 22
Happy Sunday everyone ☕
This week Marvel launched a really useful tool to create user flow diagrams from prototypes. User flow tools help us understand the path our users take through a website to achieve certain goals. Here are a few related resources:

You can read more about user flows in this excellent summary. Now let’s kick off with the week’s best tools, followed by 6 top stories from around the web 👇
11 Tools and Resources.
Marvel Blog
Userflows turns your Marvel prototypes into interactive user journeys that give you a birds-eye view of how users will move from screen to screen.
Zeplin Gazette
2. Zeplin ↔ Adobe XD CC now on Windows!
You can now export your Adobe XD CC designs to Zeplin on Windows!
Read the update 
Overflow Storybook
3. Overflow Figma Integration is Here!
Start syncing your Figma designs with Overflow to create user flows.
Read the update
4. PersP:  Alpha – Design and Develop
persP is a new prototyping tool that lets you start designing completely from scratch.
Check it out
CSS Gradient
5. Gradient Backgrounds 🌈 
Discover the best gradient backgrounds from a curated collection of the ultimate list of gradient sites.
Get gradients 
6. The Design Tools Dilemma
Digital designers it seems are tying themselves in knots today, caught in a paradox of choice.
Read the post
7. Zeplin Emoji Autocomplete
Simply type “:”, followed by the first few letters to autocomplete emojis with Zeplin. 🍒
Grab it on Github 
8. Flow is Here!
A new class of motion design for mobile. Integrate Sketch files, animate, and export movies or Swift code for iOS.
Check it out 
9. ColorGrab
ColorGrab is a small Chrome extension that lets you copy colors from Dribbble pretty easily.
Grab colors 
10. Record Video Interactions in Sketch
Timeline for Sketch newest feature is here.
Record Sketch
11. Dribbble for Android
Dribbble is now available on Google Play for Android 👽
Google Play 
Here’s a free design domain.
$0.00 $34.48 with our special link.
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6 Top Stories.
By Anita Y Cheng
2. How to kick butt at your next job interview (even if you suck at speaking)!
Anita looks into one part of the job search experience that looms over all others…
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By Taras Bakusevych
3. 10 rules for better dashboard design
Here’s a great practical guide to designing better dashboards.
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By Olga Filimon
5. Build a portfolio and get a job in UX
Olga tells how she went from literally no product design knowledge to enough-to-land-a-job level in 1.5 months.
Read the post
By Sam Saxton
6. The Evolutionary Tree of AR and VR 
Here’s a chronological map for beginners of VR and AR, showing a casual look at where we’ve come from and where we’re going.
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