Newsletters > Issue #74: New InVision! Sketch 51! 🍏New MacBook Pro, and a Framer X sneak peak πŸ‘€

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New InVision! Sketch 51! Updated MacBook Pro! There’s so many new things to check out this week – we even have a sneak peak of Framer X in the tools section 😍.
No introduction needed this week, jump right in and enjoy. πŸ‘‡

7 Top Stories.

1. Making iOS animations feel just right

Jille sheds some light on designing fluid interfaces, with learnings from a great talk on designing fluid interfaces

2. Why Rainbow Charts Are The Unicorn Tool of User Researchers
Jasmine tells us how rainbow charts can help your reserach get used more.
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3. Becoming a UX designer in less then 12 months
Here’s how Stacey-Ann changed her life in less than a year through learning UX.
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4. Designing a Text-To-Speech App From The Ground Up
Here is Santiago’s user-centered design research process for making a text-to-soeech app.
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5. Join.Chat Messenger | A Case Study
Gabriel shares the design process behind Join.Chat – a public messenger which uses blockchain!
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6. Starting your Career in UX
Sarah outlines steps you should expect for your first days, along with some awesom illustrations!
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7. Learn UI Design as a UX Designer
Lena outlines the differences between UX and UI, showing why you should practice your UI skills as a UX designer.
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11 Tools and Resources.

1. People are going crazy over Framer X.

Aaron gives us a sneak peak into the flow and functionality of Framer X, reporting from a Framer X demo he attended in NYC.

2. Meet the new InVision mobile app
Clark Valberg introduces the latest update to the InVision mobile app. It adds features like Studio mirroring for mobile design reviews and much more.
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3. Styles in Libraries more in Sketch 51.
Sketch 51 has landed and in the latest release it brings Styles to Libraries, fixed elements to Prototyping, and more performance improvements.
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4. 11 Sketch Plugins That Will Improve Your Workflow
Here’s a collection of essential plugins to help smooth out your workflow in Sketch.
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5. CoolHue 2.0 – Coolest Gradient Hues and Swatches
CoolHue brings you the coolest handpicked Gradient Hues and Swatches for your next super amazing stuff
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6. Affinity Designer for iPad – 30% off for a limited time.
Affinity Designer for iPad is here- Professional graphic design on the move, and it’s 30% off for a limited time!
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7. Flauntly | Landing Page Builder and Lead Capture Tool
Flauntly enables marketers to easily build custom landing pages that drive successful campaigns and boost conversions.
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8. Toybox | Design QA Without Code
Visually edit your site’s CSS without inspecting code – automatically annotated for developers.
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9. Sketch Extension | ColorSpark
A free and easy-to-use plugin to help designers discover unique colors and gradients directly in Sketch.
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10. Gradient Hunt – Beautiful Color Gradients
Thousands of trendy color gradients in a curated collection that is updated daily. Get fresh color gradients for your projects.
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11. Should Designers Write Website Copy? Try Scribble
Copy and Design share a close relationship. CanvasFlip explain the need for their awesome new tool for collaboration, Scribble.
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