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Issue #73, Friday July 06
Happy Friday all! This week we launched the brand new Prototypr V2 🚀 with all these new features:

  • 🔍 Search engine – you can now search through nearly 15,000 indexed design resources
  • 🛠 Upgraded Toolbox 2.0 – find tools that go beyond screen design: VR/AR, AI, Chatbot design 🤖
  • 🦄 UX Kit – tools for user monitoring, ideation and every step of your design process!
As well as our launch, we have 7 more stories this week and 9 tools to check out in the 2nd section, including another brand new prototyping tool called persP 👀! Enjoy.
7 Top Stories.
By Gaddafi Rusli
Here’s the story behind the launch of Gaddafi’s side project, shotsnapp. Find some great tips on launching and shipping your own side projects.
By Alexander Skogberg
2. Making your design by breaking your design
We need to get better, we need to start breaking our design before someone else breaks it for us.
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By Aaditya Ailawadhi
3. A Month into Microsoft’s UX Design Internship
Aaditya shares learnings from his first month’s experience as a UX Design intern at Microsoft.
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By Alice Tu
4. My fear of writing
“I have a fear of writing. I’ve feared it for as long as I can remember.”
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5. The Link Bar Menu
  Why sites should add a “bar” of links in addition to the hamburger 🍔 menu.
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By Dilem Akıner Akışık
6. Beyond Likert scales: how we made form-filling more fun
Forms can be tricky, frustrating and boring. Here’s how Dilem set out to fix them!
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By Thea Chard
7. Art vs Design, and How to Develop that Design Eye
“The fastest way to design for our user is to create designs, not art.”
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9 Tools and Resources.
Toolbox #5! A roundup of tools from the last 2 months – from mockups to color tools.
By Alex Lareo
2. World, This is Persp. 🎉
A new end to end design tool: persP lets you design from scratch and add behaviors, actions, logic, event based animations, and more!
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3. FlowMapp – UX planning tool
FlowMapp is an online planning tool for creating a visual sitemap that will help you effectively design and plan a better UX for your websites.
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Fontface Ninja
4. Fontface Ninja,  Version 4
👀Now you can identify fonts on images as well as text!
Identify Fonts
6. Asteroid
An augmented reality dev tool for creating 3D apps that react to their environment – no scripting required.
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By patrizia-slongo
7. 6 Tools to create amazing mockups
Speed ​​up the presentation of your new design project with these tools.
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By Bobbie Goede
8. Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer Guide
A guide highlighting some subtle differences and quirks between Affinity Designer and Adobe Illustrator.
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HTML Email
9. Email Template Design System for Sketch
A Sketch file with templates and components for designing responsive email templates.
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