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Hey! To round up this week in design, we’ve got 20 more awesome links for you, including:

  • ☘ 13 new tools and resources
  • 📚 7 great reads, well worth a bookmark
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7 Top Stories.

1. 9 steps how to become a UX / UI designer, if you do not have work experience and a degree.

Sati describes how she started working as a designer and how, after going all this way, she advises others to start their career in the design field.

2. The Imposter Syndrome Wildfire
It seems like everyone who writes about imposter syndrome doesn’t know what it’s actually like to be an imposter.
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3. Why I left UX to design values
After over 6 years in the Silicon Roundabout, we started to perceive London as a hostile and unforgiving place.
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4. How to Improve Your Microcopy Skills With This 4 Simple Steps
Yuval shows us a simple way to create better microcopy and messaging for your product design, through the use of context.
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5. How to Make Friends and Influence Non-Technical Stakeholders
Siobhan explains how
be an expert without being a jerk about it, with awesome communication tips.
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6. How the internet is a roadblock in my path to becoming a designer
This post is not about how complex design is, but about the new generation of designers who get lost in the web of resources to self-learn design.
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7. Good Product Management: I do not create a product and feature.
Oksana explains why adding a feature, just of the pure joy of adding the feature, will result in failure. Check out her tips on good product management.
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13 Tools and Resources.

1. Shotsnapp – Create beautiful mockup presentation

A simple tool to quickly create beautiful mockup presentation for your digital app and website design

2. Free Color Tools
A collection of new tools that will help you choose the right color for your next project!
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3. Flow 0.7.0
Flow’s latest update brings us new features: Area Select + Zoom
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4. Sketch App Essentials
Learn Sketch and improve your UI/UX Design skills in the process with this detailed and informative guide.
Learn Sketch 

5. Vireflow UI Kit for Webflow
Vireflow is the webflow wireframe kit that lets you design, iterate and develop faster.
Check it out

6. Piio
Piio automatically generates real-time responsive images for your website visitors and delivers them at maximum speed.
Check it out 

7. Dashboard 
See what your design team is working on in real-time! Dashboard syncs with your Marvel account and displays new designs as they happen.
Check it out 

8. Brush Ninja
A FREE online Animated Gif creator. Make your illustrations move 🖌
Try the app

9. Scribble
Introducing Visual Inspector Scribble: faster Collaboration For Designers & CopyWriters.
Try the app

10. Early Impressions with Artboard Studio
Chris reviews the new Artboard Studio, finding some impressive results in no time at all!
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11. Smartmockups Version 3
Similar to Artboard Studio, here’s another tool to
create product mockups with just a few clicks.
Check it out

12. Design+Code – Learn After Effects
Learn how to create stunning motion graphic and animation for your website, apps, and games.
Take the course

13. Phase: Everything Is A Component
Phase introduce Libraries, the Digital Design way. — Check out what’s coming In Phase v2+ 🎨
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