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A lucky 13 new tools and resources for you this week! Notably:

  • πŸ‘€ Framer have announced ‘Framer X’
  • πŸ‘Œ Prototyping with Keynote is even better with Marvel.
  • πŸš€ Avocode 3.0 is out!
  • πŸ“– InVision release a brand new Handbook

Check all that out in the tools section. Also, if you’re an Origami user, the first ever Origami Studio Meetup is happening next week πŸ“…!

First though, Dem Gerolemou‘s article in the ‘top stories’ section is a must read, especially for new designers! πŸ‘‡



7 Top Stories.


1. Astronauts, Bees and Sofas: Lessons for Those Starting a Career in Design

Dem shares learnings from his time working at atΒ ustwoΒ andΒ DeepMind, outlining linear and non-linear paths into design.


2. Conversational interfaces: the French touch
Aurélia Lacombe interviews  Amina Esselimani, a top French UX designer, on conversational interfaces and tone of voice. 
Read the post

3. Achieving Lift-off: How to Embrace a Rebrand πŸš€
Jennifer explains how successful branding is a long-term investment, sharing what it takes to launch a rebrand.
Read the post


4. Emotional Design for data heavy apps
Khushali helps us understand some of the emotions customers go through when looking at data, and how we can improve UX in data heavy interfaces.
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5. AI Ethics — A New Skill for UX-Designers
 Anton predicts that we’re entering one of the biggest transformations society has witnessed in the last centuryβ€Š—β€Šif not millennium.
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6. 8-Point Grid: Typography On The Web
Elliot Dahl explains that the 8-Point Grid concept for typography can drive consistency through designs, eliminating the confusing mix of current practices.
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7. From Zero to Game Designer: how to start building video games
Angela was just a 17 year old high school student who knew nothing about coding, but published her first game on Steam within a few months of learning.
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13 Tools and Resources.


1. Avocode 3.0

Meet the first cross-platform design hand-off tool for design collaboration, version control, and inspecting of Sketch, XD, Photoshop, and Figma design files, on Windows, Linux, or macOS.


2. Framer X Announcement
Announcing Framer X, a game-changing new product that seamlessly blends design and development. Here’s the preview!
See the announcement

3. Build the future of design tools with me
Modulz is a new design tool that helps designers collaborate with developers, without writing code. Join Colm as a co-founder!
Read the post


4. Marvel for Keynote πŸ‘Œ
Turn Keynote slides into interactive Marvel prototypes.
Grab the app

5. DesignOps Handbook 
Your guide to DesignOps, by InVision.
Read the handbook


6. Sketch Course by Design + Code
Enhance your design workflow by creating a Sketch plugin.
Check it out

7. Illustration Tools Directory
A collection of tools and resources for illustrators, including an online course.
Get the resources


8. Mobile Mockup
The simplest way to create a beautiful mobile mockup. In 3 clicks, choose a screenshot and download your mockup!
Try the app

9. Design Challenge
A collection of design challenges created to test the processes and creativity of any designer.
Try the challenge


10. VECTARY – 3D Design Collaboration
Create beautiful 3D designs with our drag and drop 3D modeling tool. Collaborate with your friends and colleagues online.
Check it out

11. The new design tools on the block
“While Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma and Invision Studio are all building the same product with slight differences in their focus areas…”
Read the post


12. User Testers
Earn money for testing websites, right from your couch.
Check it out

13. My Draft
A simple drag and drop interface for 100% free wireframing.
Try it out

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