Newsletters > Issue #7: πŸ’Ž Stop Designing in Sketch. Design in the Browser. And πŸ’„ Never Just Design Pretty Little Apps

πŸ’Ž Stop Designing in Sketch. Design in the Browser. And πŸ’„ Never Just Design Pretty Little Apps

Design, Prototyping and Inspiration

Welcome to Issue #7. We have lots of great reads that are well worth your timeβ€” these are the 3 sections we’ll go though:

  1. 3 thoughts/advice on design work
  2. 3 prototyping updates
  3. 3 ideas and concepts

😲 3 Bits of Advice

3 things to think about when working in design:

1. Never Just Design Pretty Little Apps

Miklos Philips shares a little rant on how superficial app designs that simply following the latest fads are blatantly ignoring basic usability conventions. Great read with real examples!

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2. Best Design Advice No One Ever Gave Me

Sean D’Auria explains why β€œquality over quantity” is not good advice in the design world.

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3. Ethics Can’t Be a Side Hustle πŸ‘€

Mike Monteiro on why we need to work ethically during our day jobs much more than we to work with non-profits as a side hustle.

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πŸ’₯ 3 Prototyping Updates

Ideas and updates on prototyping tools and how we use them:

1. Stop Designing in Sketch. Design in the Browser.

Peter Assentorp on why you shouldn’t spend too much time making static designs, and consider designing in the browser instead.

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2. Design With Type: Typography on Framer

Framer have introduced Framer Type, a new way to add, edit and even animate text directly in your prototypes.

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3. Using Figma for Presentations

Zach Grosser shows how, with a couple quick URLs, Figma becomes a powerful presentation tool.

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πŸ’‘ 3 Design Concepts

Let’s finish with some useful case studies and thoughtful ideas:

1. Runkeeper: A Usability Case Study

Peter Petrovics shares his design process whilst working on Runkeeper, also including an interactive prototype created with Marvel.

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2. Screenshot? Ugh, you’re doing it wrong!

Jason Zimdars shows us a couple different examples of apps that let us share content properly and respectfully.

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3. β€œBlockframing” and Sketch-Ready Layouts

Jon Moore shows how he uses ‘blockframing’ to describe areas of content and avoid getting caught up in the details.

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πŸ™ Thanks for reading issue #7 β€” we always want to bring you the best stuff, so if you have any suggestions, let us know by replying to this email.

Extra: ❀️ 3 Awesome Prototypes

Range Slider Component – Movie Archive

Last week @[4878:Benjamin den Boer] introduced the Range Slider Component to the Framer Library which creates a slider with two knobs to define and edit numeric ranges. This prototype shows you how you can make the content of your prototype act upon those ranges. Try it yourself! Open in Framer Try Framer

News App – Page Component Example

Yesterday we launched a home for Framer Components on our site. This neat News app highlights the Page Component and shows you how easy it is to customise the interaction with parallax, page indicators and much more. Play with the Design Take a look at the Components page Watch the Components introduction video

Photo Toggle

The idea here is that the photo roll icon would be a toggle between a horizontal scroll of photos and a grid of photos. The icons would animate in a similar fashion as the photos to help create a stronger relationship between the two. There is definitely more to explore with this idea but I do like the cleanliness of the action. Interested to hear your thoughts! — Looking for a creative agency? We would love to hear from you. Email us Our website / …

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