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It was a week that shook the tech world! I’m sure you all heard about it, so here are some of the funniest reactions to Microsoft + GitHub.🙈
Not to be overshadowed though was Apple’s Worldwide developer conference (WWDC), where the revamped iOS12 was announced, along with macOS Mojave. There’s a couple related articles in our top stories section below 👇.
🛠 In the second section we have another 9 tools and resources, kicking off with Marvel’s launch of ‘Handoff’ – now available for everyone including free users!



7 Top Stories.


1. How to make cool Gradients

Erkan shows us a few tricks to make cool gradients for our UIs.


2. The overwhelming iOS notification center​
Adi explains how she abandoned Android for iOS, only to find the notification center overwhelming. Here’s what she did about it.
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3. Solving Temptation: iOS Zen Concept
Svilen runs through Apple’s new Screen Time and Do Not Disturb features, then introduces another concept to reduce distraction.
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4. 4 Tips for Emerging Designers 
After graduating 4 years ago, Jon shares 4 useful tips from his own experiences for emerging designers.
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5. Humorous in microcopy: 7 tips 
“A common misconception about microcopy is that if we want to sound human, being funny will do the trick.”
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6. The design bubble.
Alexandrine recaps the Awwwards conference in San Francisco, sharing her eye-opening takeaways from the first conference she’d ever attended.
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7. What blocks our empathy?
“I felt uncomfortable with my lack of empathy in some situations and decided to look into what’s blocking me and how I could solve it.”
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11 Tools and Guides.


1. Handoff by Marvel

Handoff – enables everyone to grab code, specs and assets from designs and prototypes for handover to development teams.


2. Sketch Unsplasher
A Sketch plugin for filling shapes and symbols with images from Unsplash. Made by Giles Perry.
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3. Identify Fonts 🔎
A great tutorial from Rob Hope on identifying web fonts. Check out his YouTube channel for more!
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4. (unrelated to Sketch App) helps software designers think about complex product behavior. 
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5. Thunkable
A platform where anyone can build mobile apps for iOS or Android in a drag and drop editor.
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6. Prototype with Origami and Firebase
Build an on-device prototype that uses live data — no coding required!
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7. Get Kepture: GIF screen captures
Create quick and easy GIF screen captures in seconds with Ketpure.
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8. Prototype Live Data with Framer
Learn how to use a search API and build your own Framer prototype.
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9. Crayon
A simple collaborative whiteboard, ideal for remote teams.

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