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Hot on the heels of Marvel’s new platform last week, InVision have launched their own! An App Store right within InVision Studio. After the success of Sketch’s plugin marketplace, this seems to have become the golden path for all design tools. Even Adobe have planned to open up XD to the public for the community to build their own extensions.
Check out all those design tool updates in section 2, where you’ll also find an aweseme free design trends report 📈, and a brand new wireframing tool 🖼 that just launched today!
First though, let’s start off with some stories from the community. 👇



6 Top Stories.

1. Designmodo’s New Logotype
Paul gives us the process breakdown of the new logotype he made for Designmodo.
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2. Sculpting Software Animation
Pasquale explains the problem with design tool animation, explaining how to make them higher quality.
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3. 35 Quotes on Design That Will Fuel Up Your Creativity
Creativity is all around us in all the forms and shapes. Eugen gives us some awesome inspiration.
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4. Building Zomato Gold ✨ – the Design Process.
Charu describes the ins and outs of designing a subscription product for Zomato.
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5. How not to write an error message
Error messages always mean well. But all too often, they’re confusing, unclear, and leave you wondering what to do next. In this post, I…
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6. Putting the ‘Rad’ Back in ‘Radial Menus’
“I’m willing to admit it. I have a problem; I love radial menus.” 😂
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9 Tools and Resources.


1. InVision Studio Platform

Get a first look at the #InVisionStudio Platform—App Store, Asset Library, and Open API.


2. Whimsical Wireframes— Design better web apps
Whimsical is the visual workspace for teams. Share your ideas visually. Lightning fast.
Check it out 

3. Avocode 2017 UI Design Report – Free E-book
Get the Design Report on top  trends based on data from over 2,000,000 Sketch and Photoshop designs.
Download for free 


4. Free InVision Studio Interaction Templates
Here’s a set of basic interactions for InVision Studio. Free to download.
Grab the templates 

5. Magic Buttons Sketch Plugin
Be a wizard! Automatically resize/relabel buttons in Sketch. It’s like magic 🎩
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6. Grid System Library
Grids for iOS, Android and Bootstrap
Check it out 

7. Public Design Jobs
Design & innovation jobs in the public sector, worldwide.
Find a job 


8. Managly
Managly is a new and innovative tool for workspace management, prototyping, sharing, invoicing and tracking—All In One!
Check it out 

9. GuideGuide
GuideGuide is a Sketch extension that lets you quickly create grids and manipulate guides with a consistent UI in Sketch.
Get the plugin 

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