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This week we saw 2 huge new releases in the design tool world:
1. Marvel launched a brand new platform today, enabling anyone to build new design features right into their core platform – check out their launch right now, and see the amazing possibilities.  🚀
2. Secondly the user flow tool, Overflow, is now available for anyone to download for free!
To kick things off though, the first section contains 7 top reads of the week, including the story of how a student took a simple side project to #1 on Product Hunt… 👀 by accident!
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7 Top Stories.


Shortcuts .design: From MVP to #1 on Product Hunt

A comprehensive view inside a student’s design-process of accidentally creating a popular resource for designers around the globe.


2. How to choose a UX Master’s Program
Kai-Ting, Interaction Designer at Google, gives us part 2 of her advice on starting a career in UX design.
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3. Designing the UI of Google Translate
Google Translate’s real-time conversation mode amazes users. Pendar gives us its design story.
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4. How Skills-based Volunteering Can Advance Your Career
“The reward for pro-bono work is not always just in heaven.” — Paul Rand
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5. Growing an Idea from an Interest to a Product
Theodore designs a physical product that could potentially be sold at a mass scale.
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6. Make a UX Portfolio with Instagram
Kate explains why Instagram Story Highlights are a great method to show off the pride and joy of your work.
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7. Reading Experience Filters Concept
Daniel shares some amazing concepts that create better alternatives for customizing reading experiences.
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9 Tools and Resources.


1. Announcing the Marvel API 🎉

Access the core functionality of the Marvel Platform and build the tools, apps and integrations you need to scale design faster than ever.


2. Cool Backgrounds
Explore a beautifully curated selection of backgrounds for any project.
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3. Overflow for Free.
Overflow public beta is now available to download, for completely free!
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4. Little Widgets: HTML Website Widgets & Popups
 Find 24 thoughtful, professionally designed HTML5/CSS3 website popups and widgets.
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5. A Quick Start Guide to the Cabana Design System 🔥
Learn how to easily improve your Design Workflow in Sketch right here, right now…with Cabana!
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6. Coffeelinks
Get paid for your work – Coffeelinks helps you sell with just a link!
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7. UI Goodies
An expert curation of useful resources for Designers and UI Developers, by Jess Eddy.
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8. Supernova Studio V3 just landed 🚀
Check out Supernova’s latest update – Typography. Swift. React. Devices. It has it all.
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9. Master Your Craft with Top UX Tools
Having the right UX tools can be crucial – here’s a well summarised collection.
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