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This week, Google announced ‘Duplex’, an eery bit of AI that can make phonecalls on your behalf πŸ“žπŸ€–! Check it out in section 1, along with insights on how Dropbox’s redesign is working out.
In tool news, Sketch 50 πŸ’Ž has been released, and Figma introduce a new private beta called Styles – find out about it in the second section where you’ll find 11 tools this week!
Finally, be sure to check out Underglass‘s Product Hunt launch, and why not 🎁 grab yourself a .design domain for free!
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7 Top Stories.


1. Product Design Principles in a Single Card

Mei shows us how less is more when it comes to designing item cards, explaining how to harmonize, prioritize and have fun with them.


2. Google just launched a 'terrifying' new robot
Google has revealed a "terrifying" new technology that you could use without ever knowing it.

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3. Stupid user or stupid UI?
Graeme tells of the time he lost Β£400 because of not scrolling down. Is the design at fault, or the user?

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4. 7 Rules of Using Radio Buttons vs Drop-Down Menus
Sadia explains the different scenarios in which radio buttons or drop-downs should be used.

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5. How Dropbox is making their rebranding work
Ariel measures the success of Dropbox’s redesign from October 2017 – did it work out for the better?

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6. Top 5 Design Mistakes in Enterprise UX
Joanna shows us how to avoid or fix common mistakes when designing for the enterprise.

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7. Designing an Effective Step-by-Step Process
Erkan explains what ‘tunneling’ is, and how to use it as a UI element.

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11 Tools and Resources.


1. Material Tools from Google

Google introduce a set of tools to help you build beautiful, usable products faster. Introducing their ‘Material Theme Editor’, ‘Icon’ sets and awesome ‘Gallery’ tool.


2. Sketch.The.Ripper: Rip Sketch Files
Icons8 share another helpful tool for designers and developers using Sketch.

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3. Making Sketch better in version 50
Sketch 50 is here and this update brings a lot of small improvements to Sketch.

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4. Figma Styles beta: A new way to apply text and layer attributes
Today, we’re excited to announce a private beta for Figma Styles (sign up here).

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5. Fieldtrips: Design, UX, and tech conferences
A complete repository of all conferences in the digital industries.

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6. Introducing DesignerJarr
Designjar helps designers get hired by matching designer profiles with employer needs, completely randomly and transparently.

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7. Fugue: Free Royalty Free Music
Download free background music for your videos, movies, and websites. Free both for personal and commercial projects.

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8. Brusher
A lightweight library to create interactive backgrounds on the web.

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9. Photo Grid for Sketch
A Sketch plugin that resizes layers and scales them to fit in rows or columns.

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10. Made for Studio
Get the latest tutorials, videos, templates and free downloads for InVision Studio.

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11. Decidr
Decidr lets you create simple, beautiful A/B polls that are easily shareable and quick to answer.

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