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Hey everyone! This week we launched ‘Toolbox’ on ProductHunt πŸš€, a place to find and compare the latest and greatest tools in design. Check it out in the tools section, along with 8 other resources for your workflow.
β€’ We’ve also got 6 more stories in the first section, including the story of how Marc went from product inception to live product in 7 Days with MentorOla!
β€’ Finally, this is the last chance to get the premium version of Visual Inspector at 83% off – this deal ends tomorrow ⏰.
πŸ’« May the 4th be with you!



6 Top Stories.

1. How paper wireframing will make you a better designer
Alexander tells us why and how paper wireframing makes you a better designer.

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2. How to develop an eye for Design
Kathleen shares an exercise which will help sharpen your product sense and improve your eye for design.

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3. The Designer’s Guide to Von Restorff Effect
Erkan shows us how to make items more memorable than the rest while designing interfaces

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4. Mentoring for Design Mentors & Mentees
Marc tells us the story of MentorOla, and how he’s providing support to fledgling designers.

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5. Reinventing the User Experience
It’s Erkan again, this time showing us how UIs will evolve around new ideas.

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6. Service Design vs UX Design
DesignLab explain the place of service design in relation to other design disciplines.

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9 Tools and Resources.


1. Toolbox

Our Toolbox helps you compare the latest and greatest tools in design.


2. Let’s Enhance
An awesome service to upscale and improve your photos and images using state-of-art neural networks.

Enhance your images

3. Lobe
An easy-to-use visual tool that lets you build, train, and ship custom deep learning models without writing code.

Try it now


The world’s first App Icon Compendium. It includes resources for App Icons of all major platforms.

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5. Plot
Plot is a Sketch plugin that makes it easy to share work with your design team in story format.

Grab the plugin


6. HAVE <this/>
Get an instant PNG of any HTML element in the browser using this Chrome Extension.

Get it for Chrome

7. Cards for Webflow
A Web based UI Template, 100% Developed in Webflow Designer.

Check it out


8. Prototyping maps with Framer and Mapbox
Here’s why Framer is great for prototyping map experiences with interactions and data.

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9. Bpzoo Design – Your Graphic Experience Zoo
Here’s a library of free and premium designs that can cater to unique needs.

Check it out


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