Newsletters > Issue #62: 🎤Interview With A UX Writer From Google, and 🏓Stop Playing “Fix-It” Ping-Pong with Your Developer.




Hi everyone, it’s been a great week for UX Writers 🖋! In the first section, find an interview with a UX Writer at Google, Tiffany Lee. That’s followed by Dropbox’s UX Writer, Andrea Drugay, explaining how UX Writing differs from content strategy.
In the tools section, you’ll find our massive monthly roundup of 27 awesome resources. We’ve even made a separate web app for you to filter and search through all our handpicked tools: the ✨Prototypr Toolbox (Beta)



6 Top Stories.

1. 🐌🐌 UI Progress Bars to make you enjoy the wait 😅
Boredom is merely lack of stimulation. What if we use emotional user interface design the interface to give users stimulation?

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2. Common UX Mistakes Made by Business Developers
Jason explains explain why some logical solutions are a bad idea when improving the user experience of certain applications.

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3. An Interview With A UX Writer From Google: Tiffany Lee
Yuval interviews Tiffany Lee of Google to find out what life is like working a UX Writer on Google Maps.

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4. What’s the difference between UX writing and content strategy?
“Content strategy is not UX writing, but UX writing utilizes content strategy.” ~ Andrea, UX Writer at Dropbox.

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5. Design with Gradients
Erkan shows us how to design user interfaces by expanding your color palette

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6. UX Design Resources
Here is Francesca’s ultimate list of UX resources and research methods.

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Prototypr Deals
This month’s deal gets you Visual Inspector, the “Website feedback collaboration/design bug fixing tool” for just $49 $299. This deal is ending soon.

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9 Tools and Resources.


1. Magic Design Toolbox 🧞‍: 27 New UX and UI Tools

Here’s our monthly roundup of the best tools and resources from March 2018 (April version coming soon). Enjoy!


2. Stop Playing “Fix-It” Ping-Pong with Your Developer.
Ahmed tells us how Flawless App improves designer to developer collaboration, and is giving away 5 free licenses to his product! 🎁

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3. The All-New Plugin from Plant: Design Version Control
Plant run us through the most recent improvements to their version control software for designers, such as enhanced visual guidance.

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4. Solis for Mac
Solis for Mac is a Live Design Output that integrates seamlessly with your favourite code editor.

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5. Framer Form
Dealing with 3D can be tricky, so Emil shows us how to integrate 3D-graphics with our Framer prototypes.

Prototype in 3D


6. Free 210 Avatar Icons
Download a diverse range of free avatar icons made by Icon54.

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7. Sketch UX Kit
A wireframing template for your next project by Mikolaj Dobrucki.

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8. Celebrating 200+ unDraw illustrations
Katerina, maker of unDraw, talks about the growth of her project from 10 to 200+ free MIT licensed images, actively used in ~90 projects.

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9. Digital Nomad and Travel Icon Pack
Nadia Sotnikova launches the ‘Digital Nomad Starter Icon Pack’ with 24 free flat icons in SVG and PNG for use in your projects.

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