Newsletters > Issue #61: 💎Why We Should Be Using Figma and 🐮Moose: Awesome Free Stock Photos!


It’s lucky Friday the 13th 👀– in this roundup, you’ll find some of the highest quality stock photos we’ve ever seen made available for free! They’re on a site called ‘Moose’ 🐮– find it in the 2nd section, along with a useful comparison of InVision Studio and Framer, plus 11 tools in total. 
In section 1, discover how to make boring apps stimulating, and learn about the Law of Prägnanz. 
 🎁 As an awesome gift this week, we’ve also got you 83% off lifetime access to 🔎Visual Inspector, a tool we rely on daily ourselves. Enjoy!


6 Top Reads.

1. Why We Should Be Using Figma
Marco explains why Figma is the best option in many ways that matter.
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2. How To Design Emotional Interfaces
Alice shows us how we can make boring apps more stimulating for users.
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3. Product Design: A Story of Delete and Undelete
Malek tells us why delete and undelete should always come together.
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4. Stop calling these Dark Design Patterns or Dark UX
Flavio highlights what he calls ‘a**hole designs’ – those making use of cheap tricks.
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5. Designing better products just using common sense
Alexandra highlights the need to apply commen sense to your design projects, not just methodologies.
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6. The Designer’s Guide to the Law of Prägnanz ❤
Erkan runs us through the a fundamental principle of the Gestalt Theory – the Law of Prägnanz.
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11 Tools and Updates.


1. Moose — Free Stock Photos

Here’s an amazing library of high quality stock photos, designed to work together – all for free!


2. Artboard Studio: Because Product Presentation Matters
The first online graphic design app mainly focused on product mockups.
Check it out

3. Two tools, one prototype. InVision Studio Vs Framer.
Nitin compares speed and fidelity when prototyping with Invision Studio and Framer.
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4. Framer Form Elements UI Kit
Take your prototypes to the next level with this simple, interactive UI kit with working form fields and inputs.
Grab the kit

5. Trunk Versioning For Designers
Here’s another ‘Github for designers’, this time by Trunk. Secure version control for your design files.
Check it out


6. Diversity Avatars
200 avatars: A mixture of ethnicities, races and professions.
  Check it out   

7. Bottts
Create robot illustrations in Sketch App with this free library. 🤖
  Get the library   


8. Design Systems Repo
A frequently updated collection of Design System examples, articles, tools and talks.
Check it out

9. Sketch the ripper   💎⛏
An online tool to rip a .sketch files and extract their objects – not just show an embedded preview.
Rip Sketch files


10. Avocode’s new Adobe XD integration
Introducing Avocode’s new Adobe XD integration for Windows, Linux, macOS and the web.
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11. Braille Neue: Braille for everyone
Braille Neue is a universal typeface that communicates to both the sighted and blind people in the same space.
 Find out more 

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