Newsletters > Issue #59: Design Everything Last Minute πŸ™ˆand Animated UI Illustrations


Happy Easter 🐣! We’ve got some fun reads for you in section 1 – check out the concept of animated UI illustrations, and then have a read of Pablo Stanley’s 12 steps to procrastinate like a professional 😜.
 The big news in design tools from the last week was Figma’s new platform. Check out how their new web API can unlock your designs in section 2. Another highlight was the design mentorship community, ‘MentorOla’, where you can meet and help new and experienced designers. Enjoy! 


7 Top Reads.


1. Animated UI illustrations to say hello πŸ‘‹

Check out the awesome concept of animated UI illustrations for landing pages.


2. Responsive Design β€” Best Practices
Daniel gives us the ins and outs of responsive design.
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3. Microcopy & UX Writing: Weebly
Yuval chats with Kathryn Strauss, UX writer atβ€Š Weebly.
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4. A User-centered Approach to Email Design
A 2 part case study on transactional email design.
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5. How to Efficiently Design Everything at the Last Minute
Twelve steps to procrastinate like a professional 😜
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6. Spotify Smart Play β€” A Case Study
An exploration of how to make music discovery faster and easier.
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7. Everything I’ve learned designing 10,000+ UI screens
Jon lists 10 things he’s learned working as a lead designer.
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9 Tools and Updates.


1. Introducing: Figma’s Platform

Unlock your design files with our new web API


2. MentorOla: Design Mentorship
Bringing the very best design mentors & mentees together.
Find a mentor

3. Supernova Design Components
Check out the new Supernova Sketch plugin.
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4. Pretzel
Keyboard shortcuts for the app you’re currently using.
Download Pretzel

5. Mobbin
A hand-picked collection of the best mobile app designs.
Check it out


6. The Evolution of Tools
Jon Gold of Airbnb talks closing the loop with Design Intelligence.
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7. Sympli Prototyping Support
Sympli now handles prototyping information for both Sketch and Adobe XD.
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8. Paste
Paste makes slides simple so you can focus on content and collaboration.
Get pasting

9. Crunch
Crunch is a macOS tool for lossy PNG image file optimization.
Get crunching