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Sketch for Windows is finally here, or is it all just lunacy? Well it is here, and it’s actually Lunacy by name πŸ˜ƒ – find out more in the tools section, along with the future of e-commerce from Webflow.
First though, have some fun in stories section with some UI Toggles that’ll toggle on your inspiration. Also, find out about the ‘Logical Fallacies of Design’ in an article by Rob Sutcliffe, for example:
β€œAmazon is a successful website. Amazon has orange buttons. So orange buttons are the best.”
Enjoy, and have a great end to your week!


7 Top Stories.


1. UI Toggles to turn you on πŸ™ˆ

A curation of 17 amazing toggle switches from dribbble.


2. A Guide to Information Architecture
Miklos investigates the process of developing Information Architectures.
Read the post

3. Let’s redesign the entire’ll be fun, they said.
How a small changes mean a world of difference.
Read the post


4. Optical adjustments in components
Every time you look at a computer interface, your brain is trying to fool you. .
Read the post

5. Hiring Designers: The Ideation Spectrum
Svilen outlines the ‘Ideation Spectrum’ as a way to hire designers.
Read the post


6. Logical Fallacies In Design Critiques
Rob has started a list of common logical fallacies and explains how they affect design critiques
Read the post

7. Job hunting at the end of the world.
Design can create social impact, but just because something is designed doesn’t make it meaningful.
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Your Free .Design Domain!
The brand new .design extension used by some of the world’s hottest companies. Get yours for free.
Claim a free domain
Offer from Porkbun


11 Tool Updates.


1. Webflow Ecommerce: Visually design, build, and grow online stores

The future of ecommerce is (almost) here. Webflow’s Ecommerce beta is coming soon. Find out more!


2. Lunacy, Sketch for Windows
Native Windows app that works offline and supports .sketch files πŸ’Ž
Check it out

3. Native Components: A Free Sketch Library
Try Rob Gill’s free Sketch Library of native web components for Sketch.
Read the post


4. macOS UI Library
A comprehensive macOS UI Library, brought to you by Sketch.
Get the Library

5. Flow 0.5.0
Check out the latest from Flow – a new way to export code πŸš€
Read the update


6. Launching Photoshop 101!
A free 7-day email course to get you started in Photoshop.
Read the post

7. The Design Genome Project, by InVision
Explore the DNA of the world’s best design teams.
Read the post


8. Annotate your Figma Version History
Now you can name and annotate your Figma Version History
Read the update

9. UI Faces – Avatars for design mockups
Aggregated people avatars that you can use in your design mockups.
Try it now


10. Download Deck
A cross-platform UI kit for designing card-based interfaces.
Check it out

11. Sheet 2 Site
No coding necessary. Build a site with pictures, text and links from a Google sheet.
Make a site

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