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Last week we saw prototyping introduced into Sketch, and this week brings us yet another new and exciting product – that isn’t a prototyping tool πŸ™Œ. Overflow is here to help us create user flows – check it out in the second half of this letter.
Our first section kicks off with a great story from Michael Flarup on the comeback of Skeuomorphic design. We also celebrate πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ International Women’s Day with an awesome story
from Florence.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy our new format!



Top 7 Stories.


1. Bringing Back Skeuomorphic Design

Let’s throw off the shackles of minimalism and make UI fun again.

2. Ladies Can UX
On International Women’s Day, Florence explains why tech careers aren’t gender based.
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3. Your Journey to Becoming a Designer
How to get those pixels in motion and pursue your path to vector-y.
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4. What I Coded the Last 401 Days
Inspiration for front-end development projects, UX/UI courses and tutorials.
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5. iOS AirPods Sharing Concept
Svilen’s design concept solves the lack of ability to share music with friends.
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6. 20 Life Lessons from a UX Designer
As UX Designers we have to cut through a lot of nonsense in order to solve problems.
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7. Why I’m Becoming A UX Designer In My 30s
“Once that UX bug was planted, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was where I needed to be.”
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Top 7 Tools and Guides.


1. Meet Overflow

Turn your designs into playable user flow diagrams that tell a story.

2. An In-Depth Look at Prototyping in Sketch
A closer look at how Prototyping works in Sketch, and show you how to make the most of it.
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3. Dribbble Color Generator
Grab Color Palette on Dribbble and generate a json file for importing into Sketch.
Grab the plugin

4. A Comprehensive Guide To Wireframing And Prototyping
The benefits of wireframing and prototyping.
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5. Figma Dark UI – A Chrome Extension
A sleek and beautiful revamp of the existing UI to help you work in low-light condition.
Grab the plugin

6. Flinto 25: Button Press and Adaptive Features
Flinto 25 is available with 3 new features and dozens of improvements.
Read the update

7. CSS Gradient Generator
CSS Gradient is a free online tool that makes it dead simple to create fresh web gradients.
Check it out


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