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Issue #55, Thursday March 1

Just yesterday, Sketch became a Prototyping tool 😲. With InVision Studio nearing release and Figma offering a prototyping mode, Sketch have finally
made the move to add prototyping to their core product. Find out if it’s any good in the tools section of this letter (section 2). 
Apart from the big Sketch news, this week we also published some great stories! Check out some top picks below, with Jonathan Courtney questioning the relevance of
design conferences altogether. Are they really a waste of time?
🎧 Something to listen to
This week’s ‘Something to listen to’ features Gabriel Valdivia of Alphabet sharing his thoughts on remote VR.
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Top Reads This Week

7 recommended reads from the publication and beyond


1. Why Most Design Conferences Suck


Jonathan Courtney tells us why he’s
done with design conferences. He says that the content at events is usually 90% filler, the talks are vague, and there’s no debate.


2. The Truth About Design Titles


Research suggests we made up 90% of today’s design job titles within the past five years. Check out this humorous read from Tobias van Schneider.


3. Microcopy & UX Writing: WIX


Yuval is back with the latest of his series of interviews
with UX Writers. This time, it’s with Rya Gershcovich from Wix, a widely used website builder.


4. The Robot Workforce: AI in 2018


Looking Past the Hype of Artificial Intelligence. Find out what the emergence of machines means for business.


5. Forget User Experience… Think Human Experience


Brand Genetics talk design for
empathy, explaining that the average person checks their mobile phone 85 times a day. 


6. 7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design


Adam and Steve tell us how we can improve
our designs with tactics instead of talent.


7. Anatomy of a Great Landing Page


Building your website with the right structure is the key to a great impression. Pedro Cortés explains why.

Tools and Guides of the Week

9 tools and guides to check out


1. Sketch Is Now the Complete UX Design Tool


Finally, Sketch 49 is here. Thalion introduces what’s new!


2. Prototyping in Sketch Has Just Arrived 🤩


Marc Andrew gives us his overview
of Native Prototyping in the new Sketch 49.


3. Figma Prototyping: Now with Transitions


Rudi Chen demos some of the prototyping
features available in Figma.


4. Flows in Zeplin


Zeplin explore how to present relationships between screens and the flow of a project in Zeplin


5. MockingBot


Another prototyping tool! MockingBot automatically prepares CSS/Swift/Android code for every element.


6. Making Donuts on Sketch


Anna Huang shows us some clever tricks
that can help you make a donut chart rapidly and flexibly in Sketch.


7. Gifski


Gifski is a macOS app which converts videos to GIF animations with thousands of colors per frame.


8. Free Icons Pack 🚀


Pixel Icons have put together an awesome collection of 300 free icons for websites and apps


9. 10 Cheats for Designing UIs


Riel M shares a list of design principles she has picked up from different designers and from designing UIs.


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