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Issue #54, Thursday February 22

Are designers failing to act in the best interest of users? Are we getting complacent with our designs? This week, we saw some light shed on these important questions.
Check it out in section 1. 
In the tools section, discover the plugin that’s enabling designers to prototype directly inside Sketch 💎. Then, take a look at ‘Under Glass’ 🔎, a
website that helps us understand how great products (like Coinbase and Blinklist) connect with different types of people.
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p.s. are you a fan of ‘lite apps’? If so, read this.

Top Reads This Week

7 recommended reads from the publication and beyond

1. Design Systems: Why Snowflakes Are Counterintuitively Integral

1. This Design Generation Has Failed

Today’s UX designers have failed to act in the best interest of users. To right the ship, the next generation has to make three significant changes, writes Mike

2. How to Mix RGB Colors More Effectively

2. The Danger of Complacency in Design

Serah explains how self-admiration leads to bad design by breeding
complacency and fostering arrogance.

What if Spotify had Stories? – Prototypr

3. Top 16 Free Online Resources For Designers

Yuval Keshtcher shows us the
free online resources anyone can use in their pursuit of becoming a product designer.

What if Spotify had Stories? – Prototypr

4. Shared Understanding with Journey Mapping

Todd Zaki Warfel explains how journey
mapping can help create a shared understanding and vision.

5. The Secret to Great Design — A Good Read – Prototypr

5. Stunning Hover Effects with CSS Variables

Build awesome, interactive hover effects with just 9 lines of code and two CSS variables. Tobias Reich shows us how.

6. Mobile App With Facial Recognition Feature: How To Make It Real

6. The New Guidelines in WCAG 2.1 Explained

Alexander Skogberg explains 17 new
guidelines that can make your website even more accessible.

How to Design an Effective Landing Page – Prototypr

7. One Year Later: After I Finished My UX Boot-Camp

Lex Walker runs us through the
failures, tactics, and routines he learned through his time after General Assembly.

Tools and Guides of the Week

9 tools and guides to check out


Protowire 💎

Protowire aims to integrate interaction and animation into the design process without having to change your designs to suit the software. Read more on Design+Sketch.

CSS Colour Gradients with GradPad, beautiful CSS color gradient generator for your designs

Under Glass 🔎

Under Glass tries to help us understand how great products connect with different types of people. Made by Rob McMackin.

Learning Framer By Creating A Mobile App Prototype

Desktop Prototyping

Zach Johnston showcases the kit of reusable
Framer desktop components that helped his team design for desktop.


Sketch Isometric Plugin

Generate Isometric views from Artboards and Rectangles in Sketch app.

Prototyping a flight augmented reality app – Prototypr

VEEER Window Manager 

VEEER is a lightweight window manager for Mac, built for speed.

The Visual Workspace Whimsical

The Visual Workspace Whimsical

Whimsical is the visual workspace for teams. Share your ideas visually. Lightning fast.

Prototyping a flight augmented reality app – Prototypr

InVision Studio Is out—but Are Designers Migrating?

Fabricio investigates the Beta version
of InVision Studio, asking if designers are willing to switch to yet another tool.

Unused CSS finder

Unused CSS finder

This tool recursively crawls your website and finds unused CSS selectors

Introducing Zeplin Extensions

Introducing Zeplin Extensions

Zeplin announce their first step towards becoming a more extensible tool.

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