Newsletters > Issue #48: Typography on the Subway ๐Ÿš‚, Mapbreaking ๐Ÿ—บ, and How to Make a Dot โšช

Typography on the Subway ๐Ÿš‚, Mapbreaking ๐Ÿ—บ, and How to Make a Dot โšช

From typography on subway systems to realising all our maps are incorrect, this week we saw how design can impact our travels. Check those stories out in section 1.

In the tools section, you’ll find 3 awesome Sketch add-ons, and ‘Dotgrid’ – a new vector tool to try out. Hope you enjoy the week!

Top Reads This Week

7 recommended reads from our publication and beyond

1. Typography on the Subway: A Trip Around the World

Ricardo Magalhรฃes looks at some of the typography choices and design backgrounds of the worldโ€™s most iconic subway (or metro, or tube) systems.

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2. Mapbreaking

Brian Romer highlights a problem called mapbreaking, explaining how the flat geographic maps weโ€™re used to looking at are all incorrect.

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3. Video Game UX Awards

Chris Harrison tells us why the UX of games is important, giving us a list of games that are designed well and are easy to use.

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4. Youโ€™re Not a Designer Unless…

You simply cannot call yourself a designer without all this stuff outlined by Luis Ouriach.

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5. Design Style Guides to Learn From in 2018

Punit Web shows us some style guides of popular brands that we can adopt for our own projects.

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6. Why Creatives Should Never Forget Dieter Ramsโ€™ 10 Commandments

Ethan Ettleman reminds us of some tried and true principles for the past, present, and future of good design.

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7. Shine or Dieโ€Šโ€”โ€ŠA UX Designerโ€™s New Yearโ€™s Resolutions

If you’re still deciding on a new year’s resolution, check out Irene Shih‘s survival kit for envisioning her future (2018) self.

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Tools and Guides of the Week

7 tools and guides this week

1. How to Make a Dot

Jory Raphael gives us a non-definitive guide on how to make a strokes-intact dot for outline style icons.

Make a dot

2. SQUID for Sketch

Thalion introduces SQUID for Sketch, enabling us to prepare rich and elegantly styled User Flows in just a few minutes.

Get the template

3. Dotgrid

A downloadable vector glyph illustration tool, that works by adding control points and drawing different line-types between them.

Download the app

4. Midnight

Midnight is a dark theme Sketch plugin, compatible with with Sketch 48 and above.

Design at night

5. Timeline for Sketch

Create GIFs & Videos directly from Sketch. Pre-order now and enjoy 50% off.

Animate in Sketch

6. The Designer / Developer Toolbox for 2018

Daniel E. Sandoval puts together a list of tools that he used whilst operating as a UX team of one at his company.

Get the tools

7. Gradient Cards by CSS Gears

Gradient Cards is a simple and beautiful list of editable gradients that you can export as CSS for your front end.

Check it out!

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