Newsletters > Issue #44: 😻 Product Design Lessons from Cats, and 😾 Things I Hate About Design Recruitment

😻 Product Design Lessons from Cats, and 😾 Things I Hate About Design Recruitment

Hopefully CryptoKitties hasn’t been too much cat for you this week, because in this issue we’ve got some design lessons from our furry friends 😻 (see section 1).

Section 2 has the usual design tool updates, including an awesome guide to VR prototyping πŸ––πŸ½.

Enjoy ⛄️!

Top Reads This Week

7 recommended reads from our publication and beyond

1. What My Cat Taught Me About Product Design

A company took the time to understand what motivates Keaton Herzer‘s cat, leading to an awesome product. The lessons from this story are transferrable to humans πŸ˜‰.

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2. Messengers of the Future

Cuberto look into the next generation of mobile chat, such as messenger apps powered by the uber-popular Blockchain.

Read the post πŸ’¬

3. How Stripe Designs Beautiful Websites

Lee Robinson examines the tips and tricks used to make Stripe’s website design a notch above the rest.

Design like Stripe

4. 6 Things I Hate About Your Design Recruitment

Matej Latin runs us through some of his recruiting peeves, suggesting actionable advice for recruiters to more effectively approach designers.

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5. Official Sketchnotes from Clarity Conference 2017

As the Clarity 2017 conference sketchnoter, Cindy Chang captured some insightful talks from leaders in the design field through some awesome visual notes.

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6. Onboarding: Building a First-Time Experience That Makes Users Stick Around

Emile Ledure gives us 3 tips and some popular examples on how to make onboarding experiences gold.

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7. How Changing Your Mindset Will Make You More Creative

Christine Nishiyama tells how making things isn’t always about the final product. It’s about the process.

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Tools and Guides of the Week

7 tools and guides this week

1. VR/AR Prototyping for Everyone

Pavel Laptev gives us a history of VR, and then gives practical advices on prototyping for VR with tools like Framer, A-Frame and AR.js

Prototype for VR

2. Why Designers Use Plant for Version Control

Plant recently became publicly available. Here’s how Plant differs from the tools designers already have.

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3. Everything You Want To Know About Prototyping

Jamie shares his experiences and advice on how prototyping can help you work on a wider variety of projects much faster.

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4. Better Screen Design

An all-new, seriously powerful version of Framer is coming soon. Here’s the teaser article, where you can win a free year of Framer.

See what’s coming

5. Flawless 2.0

Flawless App have released a new version to help make your apps look exactly like the expected design on every iOS device.

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6. Zeplin For Developers

Jonathan Speek digs into the features of Zeplin to see what it has to offer developers.

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7. Merge Duplicate Symbols

A Sketch by oodesign plugin to merge symbols with the same name.

Grab the plugin πŸ’Ž

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