Newsletters > Issue #43: Facebook Design Interview Tips, and Good Design Doesn’t Make People Happy.

Facebook Design Interview Tips, and Good Design Doesn’t Make People Happy.

Welcome to our first December issue ❄️. Checkout our highlights of the last week starting with some great career and interview advice in section 1, and a bunch of new tools in section 2.


Top Reads This Week

7 recommended reads from our publication and beyond

1. Work Better, Not More

Lara Hanlon of IBM Design gives us some of her thoughts and tips on being more productive and getting shit done.

Get stuff done

2. I Interviewed at Facebook as a New Grad. Here’s What I Learned About Design.

Tif Wang discusses some takeaways from her interview experience with Facebook, along with the values she glimpsed during the process.

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3. How to Do Competitor Research That’s Actually Useful for Building Products

Tania Clarke shares the strategy that’s guided her in pulling together information that has informed her go-to-market tactics.

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4. Good Design Doesn’t Make People Happy.

John Warren Hanawalt says learning to be comfortable with tough conversations during a project can deliver more meaningful happiness at the end of it.

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5. When Architects Design Software

Blake Hudelson sits down with the founders of San Francisco design agency, Dixon & Mo to discuss their trajectory from designing buildings to designing software.

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6. 3C of Interface Design: Color, Contrast, Content.

A great article from Tubik Studio, talking about the magical formula of «3C» in interface design.

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7. UX Career. Job, Portfolio, Interviews and All That Jazz

For the final day of UX Boot Camp‘s 30 Day UX Challenge, they give us some tips on design portfolios.

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Tools and Guides of the Week

7 tools and guides this week

1. To Sketch or Not to Sketch? Design Process.

Cuberto explain how jumping into a text editor can enable you to design better products than using tools like Sketch or InVision.

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2. Finch v1.0

Make visual changes to any website. Immediately. Finch v1.0 has launched together with a brand new website.

Try it out!

3. Imaginators

Create online portfolios and interactive presentations just by dragging and dropping needed elements and customizing.

Create a presentation

4. Introducing

Figma launch to discuss the craft of building design systems. This week they also announced Advanced Project Permissions for Design Systems.

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5. 1–2–3 Guide for Managing Design Assets

Greg at LearnUX shows us how to manage our design assets by using Sketch for UI, Abstract for versionaing, and Zeplin for handoff. There’s a 24 minute video too!

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6. Prototype websites quickly with CSS Grid

Per Harald Borgen suggests that the CSS Grid module is a fantastic tool for creating mockups of websites.

Learn CSS Grid

7. Syntax Highlighter for Sketch

Paste code into your Sketch UIs, then use Syntax Highlighter to highlight the syntax of your code snippet, right within Sketch.

Grab the plugin 💎

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