Newsletters > Issue #42: πŸ€‘ Cyber Monday Deals, πŸ’Ž Animate Directly in Sketch, and πŸ’€ The Slow Decay of a Designer

πŸ€‘ Cyber Monday Deals, πŸ’Ž Animate Directly in Sketch, and πŸ’€ The Slow Decay of a Designer

Happy Thanks Giving for those celebrating! Even if you’re not, you can enjoy the Cyber Monday/Black Friday deals πŸ’Έ for various prototyping tools. For instance, Marvel is almost 50% off. See number 7 in our Top Reads section for more πŸ˜€.

In our Tools Section, you’ll also find an awesome plugin that lets you design animations directly in Sketch πŸ’Ž

Check it out!

Top Reads This Week

7 recommended reads from our publication and beyond

1. How to choose a UX Master’s Program

If you’re looking to breakin to UX Design, Kai-Ting Huang, designer at Google, shares her advice based on her experience choosing her own choice of school and course.

Read the advice

2. The Slow Decay of a Designer

Hot off Van Scnheider’s desk is an article about the changing demands designers face through the different career stages.

Read the post πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸŽ¨

3. UX Best Practices: Interactions

Gabi from UX Boot Camp tells us how good interaction design is driven by good human connection, and how we can achieve it.

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4. Skeuomorphic Designβ€Šβ€”β€Šit’s making a comeback

Justin Baker explains how critics argue that skeuomorphism is outdated, but with the emergence of IoT, VR, and wearables, this is changing.

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5. You aren’t as good as you think, and this is why …

Ekaterina Semeshina tells us why hard design skills don’t always matter. The most important skill you can carry, as a professional in any area of expertise is communication.

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6. 5. Design Sprint Lessons

Whilst critics argue that skeuomorphism is outdated, Justin Baker argues that the emergence of IoT, VR, and wearables means it’s not.

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7. Black Friday Design Deals

at futuramo has curated a list of the best Black Friday deals for designers. From Adobe to Framer, grab a deal this Thanks Giving.

Grab a deal πŸ€‘

Tools and Guides of the Week

7 tools and guides this week

1. Diya

Design animations and preview them directly in Sketch. Simple as that!

Animate in Sketch πŸ’Ž

2. Landing Pages in MailChimp 🐡

MailChimp announce that you can now create beautiful, customizable, and mobile-friendly landing pages directly in MailChimp.

Create a landing page πŸš€

3. 3 Quick Tips to Organize Sketch Pages

Vasco Marques wishes there was a way to organize pages the same way we do with layers and groups. Here’s how he manages pages.

Get the tips

4. Design Systems in Sketch

Marc Andrew tells us how he adapted to Sketch a few years ago, mastered symbols and text styles etc, and ended up creating his own Design System called Cabana.

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5. Stomp

Turn 100 words into a cinematic intro with Stomp – a typographic intro HTML template for your product landing page, coming soon page.

Make a video intro πŸ“Ή

6. Another Lens

Another Lens is a research tool for conscientious creatives, posing a set of questions to help you balance your bias, consider the opposite, and embrace a growth mindset.

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7. Designercize

Generate randomized prompts for design interview practice and get faster at solving design problems out loud. Get a partner, set a timer, and practice!

Check it out!

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