Newsletters > Issue #41: πŸ“± The iPhone X’s UX Is a Nightmare…Not, and a Hamburger Emoji (πŸ”) War!

πŸ“± The iPhone X’s UX Is a Nightmare…Not, and a Hamburger Emoji (πŸ”) War!


Welcome to issue #41. We hope you’re hungry because this week there was a great hamburger war! Check it out in section 1. Next, find some top tools in section 2, including a really useful avatar generator πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

Have a great week πŸ™‚ In the meantime, follow along with daily news in our newsreader.

Top Reads This Week

7 recommended reads from our publication and beyond

1. Hamburger Emoji (πŸ”) War: Why Is Apple Right

Allen Hsu, asks the all important question, where should the cheese be in a burger?

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2. Ways to Deal with Tricky Clients, and Scary Folk.

Patima Tantiprasut shares the things she’s picked up over the years on how to recognise and deal with challenging client interactions.

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3. The Iphone X’s UX Is a Nightmare… Not

Teo Yu Siang gives us a few reasons why the iPhone X’s UX isn’t quite as nightmarish as FastCo claims it is in their article.

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4. Top 7 Podcasts Any UX Designer Should Listen To

Yuval Keshtcher has collected for you my top 7 favorite podcasts that help me stay innovativein my UX design process.

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5. How To Build a Modal (for Design Systems)

Ryan Gonzalez explains how he discovered a ton in the process of building a modal for the design system at DoorDash.

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6. UX Best Practices: Gestalting Our Interfaces

Gabi from UX Boot Camp shows us how to use Gestalt rules to design better user interfaces.

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7. 7 Guidelines for Writing Accessible Microcopy

Kinneret Yifrah gives us 7 simple guidelines to make sure we’re doing microcopy right.

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Tools and Guides of the Week

9 tools and guides this week

1. Avataaars and Avataaar Generator

Avataaars is a free Sketch Library that allows you to quickly create avatar illustrations. Also, try Avataaars Generator if you’re looking for a a simple web app to generate avatars.

Get Avataaars

2. UX Missing Piece: Talebook

Talebook is an Interactive UX Research Framework, looking to bring a new approach to prototyping tools.

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3. From an Idea to a Product Launch in 2 days

Chandan Mishra launches β€” A place to Discover The Best Design Languages.

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4. Flowkit

Flowkit is a Sketch library that allows you to quickly build out high-level flows to tell the story of your designsβ€”perfect for presentations and documentation.

Try it out

5. is a browser based tool to generate custom device mockups on the fly. Upload your Designs, make adjustments and download your custom mockup!

Generate mockups

6. Get Started with iPhone’s Taptic Engine.

Alborz Heydaryan walks us through everything we need to know about iPhone’s Taptic Engine.

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7. Turn Sketch-Based Design Systems into Real Code

With React Studio’s Sketch transfer plugin, you can turn Sketch symbols into real coded UI components!

Generate code

8. Gotcha for Framer

Turn your Framer prototype into its own live developer spec with this little tool.

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9. Bootstrap Magic 4.0

Live preview, live HTML coding to help you create your Bootstrap 4.0 theme direclty in your browser.

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