Newsletters > Issue #40: Adobe’s Evolving Brand System, and InVision Raise $100 million 👀

Adobe’s Evolving Brand System, and InVision Raise $100 million 👀


Welcome to issue #40. This week, the brand manager of Adobe explains how the Adobe brand has been evolving recently. Check it out in section 1.

Whilst Adobe have always been the industry leader, this week we saw Framer pick up $8 million in funding, and InVision get another $100 million 👀!

These type of investments are making the design tool industry more competitive than ever, with the once smaller tools looking to become end-to-end prototyping platforms themselves. Check out more design tool updates in Section 2 🛠

Have a great week 🙂 In the meantime, follow along with daily news in our newsreader.

Top Reads This Week

7 recommended reads from our publication and beyond

1. Designing Adobe’s Evolving Brand System

Sonja Hernandez, experience design manager for the brand and icon teams at Adobe, shares the rationale behind Adobe’s new style of product logos, their design process, and what to expect in the future from the Adobe Design Brand team.

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2. About The New Fluent Design System

Ishara Sunjeewa gives us an overview of Microsoft’s Fluent Design System.

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3. Minimum Beautiful Product

Hayden Bleasel tells us to stop using “MVP” as an excuse to launch shit products.

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4. How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone (From a Bona Fide Scaredy Cat)

Christine Nishiyama tells us a first hand story of why you should say yes to opportunities, even if they scare you!

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5. How ex-Apple and Disney Designers Created a Brand New Design Process

Marissa Louie worked with with professionals from Apple, Disney, Pixar, and more when creating her ultimate stuffed animal.

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6. Why Digital Is Eating the World

Armin Jamak of Prezi gives us a run through of how the digital world has grown over the last decades.

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7. Is It Necessary for a Designers to Draw?

Max Tsvetkov tells us why aesthetics comes second when it comes to creating new experiences.

Should designers draw?

Tools and Guides of the Week

9 tools and guides this week


Michel van Heest has created a useful library of common shortcuts for various design tools, saving us time searching the web.

Check it out!

2. Mockup Generator by Applaunchpad

Create quality product mockups with just a few clicks, for free.

Try the app

3. Lottie Without After Effects

Lottie relies on (AE) as its animation creation tool – here’s an alternative.

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4. Figma raise $8M

Figma have raised $8m in funding to further their mission to make Framer your go-to design tool from start to finish.

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5. Hatchful

Hatchful is a digital designer in the palm of your hands. Logo Design Powered by Machine and Human, by Shopify.

Download the app

6. A 6-step guide on how to use Flinto to do remote user testing

Danny Salvatori finds that user testing is one of the biggest challenges with Flinto, so gives us some tips on how to go about it.

Learn now

7. First impression of Sketch 48 Find and Replace Color feature

UXchange share some short videos demonstrating the pros and cons of the new features in the latest version of Sketch.

Watch the videos

8. The All-Powerful Sketch

Chris Coyier looks at the awesome stuff Sketch can do to see if any other tool could be as popular.

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9. Shards

A free and modern UI toolkit for web makers based on the popular Bootstrap 4 framework.

Grab the toolkit

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