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Issue #35, Monday October 9



Over the last week, the most popular (or unpopular) news is likely to have been Dropbox’s drastic redesign, which had a very mixed reaction – somebody even went as far as making a parody of it called Dropsox 🙈. With the redesign being so severe, could it mean the Dropbox product may be changing to match it?

  • Read one writer’s opinion in our ‘Top Reads’ section, along with some great advice on being creative and staying consistent.
  • Section 2 brings you more tools and guides from over the last week.

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Top Reads This Week

7 recommended reads from our publication and beyond

1. How to Stay Creative

In a world overflowing with distractions, Amy Zhen shares how to stay in the creativity zone both at work and at home.

Read the post

2. You Need to Be Drawing Consistently

Christine Nishiyama tells us why consistency is the most important aspect of improving your drawing skills.

Read the post

3. Dropbox Releases the First ‘Living’ Design System

Luis Ouriach gives his opinion of Dropbox’s new Design System, comparing it to recent brutalist design trends.

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4. The Worst Thing You Can Do in a User Interview

Nicola Rushton tells about the importance of warmup questions when interviewing.

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5. Dear Ueno: How Do I Learn Illustration?

“How does one learn to draw illustrations like the ones in this blog post?”

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6. Designing with Artificial Intelligence

Erica Virtue tells us what I learned from designing an artificial intelligence–enabled experience at Facebook.

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7. An Introduction to North Korean Design

A rare glimpse into the visual culture of the totalitarian state. An interview with Nicholas Bonner, by Rachael Steven.

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Tools and Guides of the Week

9 tools and guides this week

1. The Ultimate List of Product & Design Resources to Understand the Tech Ecosystem

Sam DeBrule gives us the resources to understand the conversations, perspectives, ideas, and people moving the world of product and design forward.

Get the resources

2. VR Prototyping with Marvel

With VR slowly but surely going mainstream, Maxime De Greve at Marvel shows us how he’s hacked his workflow to be able design and prototype for VR.

Prototype for VR

3. Framer as a Design Tool Compared to Sketch

Stefan Miodrag asks whether it’s worth making space for Framer in your toolbox. In this article he compares Sketch and Framer, highlighting where each tool shines.

Framer vs. Sketch

4. Reduce by Flawless App

Compress huge Sketch files in an instant 💎.

Save hard disk space

5. iOS 11 icons: Glyphs

Icons8 are giving away 200 of the most popular iOS 11 icons for free!

Grab the kit

6. Designing for Android with Framer Studio

Marie Schweiz gives us everything we need to start designing for Android in Framer Studio, suggesting using material design as a starting point.

Follow the guide

7. The Augmented Reality Stack

Augmented Reality stack is an all-in-one curated directory for your AR needs. You can also read more about it in Dean Fankhauser‘s Medium post.

Check it out!

8. Vislapp

Make a nice infographic with icons in couple minutes.

Create infographics

9. Figma’s First Year

Dylan Field recaps on the last 12 months at Figma.

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