Newsletters > Issue #34: Why the Future of Apple Might Be Doomed, and πŸ˜²πŸ‘β€οΈ Redesigning Facebook Reactions

Why the Future of Apple Might Be Doomed, and πŸ˜²πŸ‘β€οΈ Redesigning Facebook Reactions

Issue #34, Monday October 2


The last couple of weeks seem to have been dominated by the iPhone X launch for all sorts of reasons. This time around in our top stories section, we have even more interesting reads such as ‘Why the Future of Apple Might Be Doomed. There’s also a really detailed post that’ll help you become a freelancer at Toptal.

Next up in our tools and resources section, we have a really varied selection: from getting started in typography, to a really fast online video editor. We’re also seeing companies move towards helping us design for the iPhone X with Marvel already making it an option in their prototyping tool. Check it out for all sorts of tools and tips.

Enjoy everyone ✌🏽

Top Reads This Week

7 recommended reads from our publication and beyond

1. Redesigning Facebook Reactions

Tanmay Joshi set out to improve the UX of Facebook’s reaction button using Fitts’ law – one of the most famous laws in human computer interaction.

Read the post

2. Conversational Marketing: The Why & How. (Forget chatbots)

Jess Thoms is back with an insightful piece on conversational design, explaining how companies can go beyond content marketing, towards a more authentic conversational marketing.

Read the post

3. UX Case Study: Forms and workflows (mobile and desktop)

Vivienne Kay describes points where she struggled to complete certain tasks using Workday’s apps, distilling the reasons into key principles that can be applied to any product design.

Read the case study

4. Why the Future of Apple Might Be Doomed

Yazin Akkawi explains Apple’s long-term vision – not just for the future of the company, but for technology in general.

Read the post

5. Toptal Test Task for UX/UI Designer

Ekaterina Semeshina talks us through the details of Toptal’s interview process from her own first hand experience.

Find out more

6. 6 Tips and 50+ Resources for Young Product Designers

Derek Torsani shares a bunch of awesome resources that have helped him on his journey as a product designer.

Get the tips

7. A Usability Study on Starbucks’ Mobile App

Vichita Jienjitlert dives into a usability study of Starbuck’s mobile app, providing recommendations for improving the app’s usability.

Read the case study

β€οΈπŸ“• Feature: Looking for more? If you’re enjoying reading Prototypr, we also recommend you check out some of the stories over on Designlab. They publish genuinely awesome design content once or twice a week. One of our recent favourites was their piece on iPhone X’s AR engine. Check it out, and subscribe over here.

Tools and Guides of the Week

11 tools and guides this week

1. A Five Minutes Guide to Better Typography

Check out Pierrick Calvez’s five minute guide to better typography – it could be the best spent five minutes you’ll have this week.

Check it out!

2. Draggable

Draggable is a modular drag & drop library, allowing you to start small and build up with the features you need.

Even if you don’t use it, check out the website because it’s really cool!

Drag and Drop

3. Typito πŸ“Ή

“Typito is a web based drag-and-drop tool to create engaging videos with beautiful typography, images and brand layouts.”

Great for social media videos.

Make a video

4. 13 Pure CSS Devices

Oleg at Marvel has created several minimal iPhone, Android, Lumia and iPad devices in pure CSS to showcase the prototypes Marvel users make.

Grab the CSS

5. How they Design

How They Design is a newsletter for curious people. No clickbait articles, only handpicked case studies. Delivered biweekly to your inbox πŸ“¬.

Check it out

6. Marketing for Engineers by Flawless App

βœ‹πŸ½ A hand-picked collection of resources for solving practical marketing tasks, by Lisa Dziuba.

Get the resources

7. Nested Symbols & Auto-Updating Styleguides

A smart template and your future starting point for every User Interface in Sketch. By @janlosert.

Grab the kit

8. Prototype for iPhone X!

Marvel have already updated their tool to make it possible to prototype for the iPhone X. Check out the rest of their September updates over here.

Prototype for iPhone X

9. Figma’s Live Embed Kit

Figma have made it possible to embed real-time Figma designs & prototypes to any website or tool. This makes prototypes much easier to share amongst teams.

Read the update

10. ProtoPie 3.5: Testing Prototypes = Easier

Protopie have improved their Sketch import, and revamped their UI for cloud functions.

Read the update

11. Journey – A Template for Sketch

A beautifully stylish template for Sketch. Oh and it’s Free. By KissmyUI.

Grab the template

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