Newsletters > Issue #33: 🍏 Is Apple still detail-oriented? Dive into the details of iOS 11

🍏 Is Apple still detail-oriented? Dive into the details of iOS 11

Issue #33, Friday September 22


After the iPhone X’s Notch came under scrutiny last week, this time around, it’s iOS 11’s turn to come under the microscope. Check it out in the first section, where we’ve got a couple articles analysing iOS 11.

In the second section we have 9 tools and guides for you to explore, including Marvel’s new handoff tool – can it take on Zeplin and co?

Top Reads This Week

6 recommended reads from our publication and beyond

1. Suggesting a Better Control Center for Apple’s iOS 11

Rob Gill is pretty impressed with iOS 11, but feels Control Center could be so much better. In this article, he highlights problems and solutions (as well as providing his Sketch and Principle files).

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2. Dive into the details of iOS 11: Is Apple still detail-oriented?

Ryan Lau feels that iOS 11 has an unfinished feeling, mainly due to the UI and animation. He points out inconsistencies in iOS 11, suggesting the new elements may have caused problems for the engineers.

Dive into the details

3. Your Empathy Toolbox: Ensuring you design a product your users will need

Quentin Parizot shows you how to get into your user’s head and design human-centric solutions.

Learn some empathy

4. Is there any value in people who cannot write JavaScript?

Mandy Michael questions if HTML and CSS experts carry less value than Javascript developers.

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5. 6 Sharp Alternative Fonts

Hrvoje Grubisic shares 6 serif typefaces to replace boring serif fonts. All have strong shapes, and their sharp aesthetic takes inspiration from the inscriptional forms of letter carved from stone.

Get the fonts

6. What is UX Writing?

Lisa Sanchez tells us what UX writing is from her own experience. That includes everything from how she got into it, how you can get into it, and how it differs from other types of writing.

Find out more

Tools and Tutorials of the Week

9 tools and guides this week

1. Marvel Handoff

Introducing Handoff – Marvel’s design to development solution. Grab code, specs and assets from your designs and prototypes!

Check it out!

2. Icon Editor

Icon editor is a simple, yet powerful tool that lets you recolor, edit and tweak icons easily.

Edit some icons

3. Startup with Google

Startup with Google brings together all the company’s resources for founders and their startups.

Check it out

4. Principle Principles

Volodymyr Safonov talks a little about how to make it easier to animate your interfaces in Principle.

Learn more

5. Framer Effects

Woohaa! A new Framer update – multiple shadows, filters, blurs, and blending modes.

Check it out!

6. Vera Block – Free UI Kit

Huge Collection of Mobile Screens and Components.

Grab the UI Kit

7. Colors

A data-driven collection of beautiful color palettes 🌈

Try the app

8. Sketch Nested Symbols Tutorial: How to make them Custom?

Here it is, the Sketch nested symbols creation tutorial from MindStudios.

Read the tutorial

9. Sketch Tipsβ€Šβ€”β€ŠWork out the Real Distance of Text to Shape Edges

A quick tip on vertically setting type in Sketch by Luis Ouriach.

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