Newsletters > Issue #32: 🍏 Design for iPhone X, and Notch Crazy iPhone X Mad!

🍏 Design for iPhone X, and Notch Crazy iPhone X Mad!

Issue #31, Friday September 8


It’s all about Apple again this week, specifically ‘The Notch’ on the new iPhone X. The Notch has been causing some debate – check it out in section one.

In the second section, we have another 11 tools and guides for you to explore.

Enjoy ✨

Top Reads This Week

7 recommended reads from our publication

1. β€˜Notch’ crazy, iPhone X mad

Pretty much everyone knows about the iPhone X, but β€˜The Notch’ seemed to steal the show, creating plenty of debate. If you missed it, we’ve gathered some of the best reactions and ideas from all over the web.

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2. Design for iPhone X

NIELS introduces how to design for the iPhone X, including: margins and safe areas, the home indicator, gestures, the face ID, navigation bars, and more!

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3. iPhone X’s AR Engine

Designlab‘s Andrew Wilshere explains what a mass-market mobile product with an Augmented Reality (AR) engine baked right into the OS means for us.

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4. The teapot model: explaining fuzzy design

Hans Haugli has come up with the teapot model to demonstrate why it makes sense to let a skilled team of designers lead you into the unknown.

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5. Great Sites for UX Research

Jess Eddy say that whilst it may be true that β€œeveryone is a designerβ€β€Šβ€”β€Šit till doesn’t mean everyone is qualified to make design decisions. Read on for a resources list.

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6. Dear AIGA, Goodbye.

Timothy Bardlavens explains why he decided to leave the professional association of design, AIGI. Great, honest read!

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7. How to find creativity

Linus Lee shows us, in a few easy steps, how you can be creative. Check out his step by step illustrated tutorial.

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Tools and Tutorials of the Week

11 tools and guides this week

1. Roundups πŸ’Œ

Roundups is a curated collection of newsletters & roundups for designers. By Joel Rosen.

Find great newsletters

2. Ultimate Designer Mockup Pack

A handy pack of 60 mockups for showcasing design work.

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3. Chrome Extension

Modify any website in real-time, save your mod and share it.

Modify some sites

4. Hixle

Discover the best UI design styles & resources.

Get inspired

5. Marvel + Confluence

Embed designs & interactive prototypes into JIRA+Confluence

Check it out

6. The Design Guide to Winning Developers’ Hearts. Part 1: Use Lottie

How to use Lottie in your animation workflow.

Learn some Lottie

7. Why I Switched To Sketch For UI Design (And Never Looked Back)

All that’s great about Sketch is here, including useful plugins!

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9. Tool Update: Sublime Text 3.0 is here!

One of the best coding apps just got better. Highlights include big syntax highlighting improvements, Touch Bar support on macOS, and more!

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5. Design tools are running out of track.

Colm Tuite gives us an insightful exploration into the world of design tools, where there headed, and how they can be fixed.

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10. Build with Sketch

Free LEGO-like kit for Sketch for creating logotypes, fonts, custom patterns etc.

Check it out!

11. Verstory

Find the latest version of (pretty much) anything developer related with Verstory.

Check some versions

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