Newsletters > Issue #31: πŸ’Ž Everything about Sketch 47 Libraries, and πŸ“± AR-First Mobile Second

πŸ’Ž Everything about Sketch 47 Libraries, and πŸ“± AR-First Mobile Second

Issue #31, Friday September 8


After seeing Apple’s Augmented Reality guidelines last week, we have a couple more articles this time around which explore the application of AR – check them out in the first section.

Additionally, we have 11 new tools and guides for you to explore in the second half of this design digest. That includes:

  • Everything about Sketch 47 Libraries
  • A new competitor to Slack by Atlassian
  • A cool new colour picker app 🐼🎨 (called Panda Colors)

Enjoy ✨

Top Reads This Week

5 recommended reads from our publication

1. AR-First Mobile Second

After the news of Apple’s AR guidelines last week, Matt Miesnieks discusses the Product Design challenges of doing AR on Smartphones.

Read the post

2. 91 Book Covers Brought to Life with Animation

Raquel Rapini shares German graphic designer Henning M. Lederer’s project of where he brought 91 vintage book covers to life through mind-blowing animations.

Get inspired

3. This is What AR Will Feel Like When It’s Ubiquitous

It feels like we’re nearly there with Augmented Reality. Lillian Warner questions what actually needs to happen in order for (consumer-based, mobile) AR to become fully realized.

See the tools

4. The Anatomy of Cinemagraphs

Simon Obirek explains the dying trend of cinemagraphs, including the times when they can be effectively used today.

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5. Daily Task Manager: Case Study

Mj runs us through his design process when creating a todo list app, including his prototype made with Marvel.

Learn more

Tools and Tutorials of the Week

11 tools and guides this week

1. πŸ’Ž Everything about Sketch 47 Libraries

The design community introduces Sketch 47 Libraries, telling us why it’s going to make designing faster and more collaborative.

Find out what’s new

2. Series: The Right πŸ› S for the Job

Tyler Burgett assesses the different tools we have available for prototyping in his series based on his 360iDev talk.

Check out the series

3. The Deck Stack – by AND CO

Jason Li looks at how Medium’s Claps are currently implemented on mobile, and then shares how the interaction can be improved.

Read the post

4. Panda Colors

Pandacolors is a one click color generator with real time preview. See the colors on live templates, so you don’t have to copy and paste hex codes.

Pick some colours

5. Marvel + Dropbox Paper

.You can now embed Marvel wireframes and interactive prototypes directly in Dropbox Paper, letting you bring design and spec documents to life

Check it out

6. Bynder Orbit

Your digital files organized & shared in one place, for free!

Organise your files

7. Atmo

Mock data for your prototypes and demos.

Mock some data

8. Semplice 4

Working on your a new portfolio? Check out Semplice, a portfolio system for designers & developers.

Build your portfolio

9. Stride

Stride is a new way for teams to talk, meet, decide and do. By Atlassian.

Read now

10. Alembic

A Sketch plugin that extracts a color palette from any layer that contains bitmap data. βš—οΈ

Grab the plugin

11. 10 Useful UX Toolkits

Neil Turner lists 10 of the best design toolkits, along with information on each.

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