Newsletters > Issue #30: 🍏 Apple’s AR Guidelines, and πŸ’Ž Sketch 47 Libraries!

🍏 Apple’s AR Guidelines, and πŸ’Ž Sketch 47 Libraries!

Issue #30, Friday September 1

Welcome to September everyone! This week Taylor Swift announced her new album πŸ‘€..but the news isn’t about her music – let’s talk about the anti-design in the new album cover! Check it out in the first section.

You’ll also find all the new tools of the week in the second half of this ‘design digest’. That includes:

  • The new ✨Sketch 47 Beta✨
  • Apple’s awesome Augmented Reality guidelines
  • 2 brand new design tools!

Enjoy πŸ˜€

Top Reads This Week

6 recommended reads from our publication

1. Let’s Talk About Anti-Design.

Simon Obirek tells us how anti-design rose to prominence in the 60s, and why album cover art of musicians such as Taylor Swift and Kanye West have adopted anti-design.

Read the post

2. A Framework for Creating a Predictable & Harmonious Spacing System

Priyanka Godbole teaches us how to enable design & development teams to use spacing deliberately for improved readability and consistency in products.

Read now

3. Top 20 Prototyping Tools For UI And UX Designers 2017

Discover the best prototyping tools of 2017 that’ll help upgrade your workflow and give your prototypes an edge. Yuval Keshtcher introduces his top 20 tools.

See the tools

4. UberEATS: UX Case Study

Jasmine Rosen explores the human-centered design process by evaluating the usability of the UberEATS app.

Read the case study

5. Git for Designers Is Here

Yuval gives us a tutorial demonstrating how to use Abstract, which is basically like git for Sketch files.

Learn more

Tools and Tutorials of the Week

9 tools and guides this week

1. Studio: Next Generation Design Tool for Digital Products

Another prototyping tool has emerged this week. STUDIO is a UI design tool to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) without any knowledge of code or design 😯.

Try the tool

2. Sketch 47 Beta: Libraries

Libraries are coming soon in Sketch 47! Try the Sketch 47 Beta to see what they’re about.

Find out what’s new

2. Adobe XD AMA

A Q&A between Demian Borba of Adobe XD and the Designer News community on XD’s new features.

See the Q&A

4. Crello

A simplified graphic design tool with 10,000 free templates.

Say hello to Crello

5. Now UI Kit

A free and beautiful Bootstrap 4 UI kit by Invision and Creative Tim.

Grab the UI kit

7. Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for AR

Apple provide some guidelines on designing engaging Augmented Reality experiences.

Read the guidelines

8. Recreating a Living Design System in Sketch

Jessica Lascar discusses the never ending journey to improve workflow and collaboration.

Read now

9. Toolkit of a Product Designer

From note taking apps to accessibility tools, Adhithya shares his favourite apps that can lead to a better design workflow.

Check it out

10. Our redesign of Medium’s Claps

Jason Li looks at how Medium’s Claps are currently implemented on mobile, and then shares how the interaction can be improved.

Read the post

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