Newsletters > Issue #29: 💥 Google Introduce 2 New Animation Workflow Tools, and How Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing Jobs

💥 Google Introduce 2 New Animation Workflow Tools, and How Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing Jobs

Issue #29, Friday August 25


Here’s our 29th issue. This week Google bring us 2 new animation workflow tools that bring Sketch and After Effects closer together – find it in section 2:

  1. 5 Top Reads of the Week
  2. 9 Tools and Tutorials for your design workflow.


Top Reads of the Week

5 recommended reads from our publication

1. How Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing Museums, Schools and Jobs

Whilst still at its infancy, Yisela Alvarez Trentini tells is how AR is dramatically changing the way we learn, get inspired and train.

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2. Testing with Real Content Is Better Than Lorem Ipsum

Chaymae Lougmani tells us how using real content in our designs helps us think about the real message you want to communicate to your users.

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3. Top 10 Awesome Sketch Plugins

Here’s ErmineDesign with a collection of their top 10 best Sketch plugins ever, so you don’t have to waste your time searching the Internet.

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4. Dear Designer, Everything Is a Remix

Gregory Wolanski tells us why we as designers don’t have to strive for originality, and why it might be better to copy, transform and combine things.

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5. 12 Amazing Books To Get You Started In Design

“There are thousands of great books out there covering every imaginable corner of design. So, as a beginner, where should you start?” Designlab let us know.

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Tools and Tutorials of the Week

9 tools and guides this week

1. Bringing Sketch and After Effects Closer Together

Josh Fleetwood introduces two new animation workflow tools from UX Motion Design at Google.

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2. How We Learned to Use the Sketch App Data Format

Avocode give use the story behind the very first ever PSD to Sketch Design Converter that’s now used by thousands of designers.

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3. Visualize Design Changes on Live Websites

CanvasFlip have created a Chrome extension for designers to make temporary edits in websites without coding.

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4. 7 Columns Calendar Creator (Sketch Plugin)

An easy-to-use, free plugin that allows you to generate a 7 Columns Calendar for any month. Developed with love at

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5. The Future of Airbnb’s Lottie

Airbnb tell us how the design community has inspired them to expand their thinking around how they’re building Lottie.

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6. Incoming Feedback

Get instant visual feedback for your website or app. See what people love and hate, identify issues, and find opportunities for growth.

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7. Product Graveyard

Commemorating memorable
products that have gone away. And finding some alternatives along the way.

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8. Text System Mastery with Shared Styles

Learn how to effectively use and store fonts with sketch app, and bring your typography consistency to a new level. By Bunin.

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9. How To Create A Sketch Plugin

shows us how to create a Sketch plugin using using just the web techonologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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