Newsletters > Issue #28: πŸ’Ž Facebook’s Free UI Kit for Sketch and ✍️ Creating a Typography System

πŸ’Ž Facebook’s Free UI Kit for Sketch and ✍️ Creating a Typography System

Issue #28, Friday August 18

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Welcome to our 28th weekly design digest. This week we’ve got tonnes of Sketch resources for you in our design tool section, including a free download from Facebook. Then we have stories from our publication and from around the web this week.

It’s all broken down into the following 3 sections:

  1. Design tools
  2. From the publication
  3. More design news

Thanks for following along – if you have anything you’d like to include for next week’s newsletter, let us know πŸ‘πŸ½

πŸ›  Design Tools

9 tools and updates this week

1. Facebook Design – Desktop Kit

Facebook release a Sketch template of UI Elements for building web and desktop apps. It includes everything from cursors and dropdowns to popular browsers.

Grab the template

2. Icons 8 UI Sounds

A lifetime supply of sounds for UX designers.

Listen to some noises 🎡

3. Webflow University

A free resource for anyone who wants to get into web design.

Learn now

4. Sketch Resources for Designers

“Sketch for Designrs” is a growing collection of Sketch resources – from plugins to icons and elements. By @jonnotie.

Check it out!

5. 50 of the Best Sketch Plugins

Wojciech Dobry has gathered and categorized 50 of the best plugins for Sketch to save you time on research.

See the plugins

6. Font Generator: Quick Font Ideas

Get tonnes of font ideas in just one click!

Generate some fonts

7. Designers Tooling Around: Figma

Blair Culbreth explains how Viget use Figma to design collaboratively.

Find out more

8. Really Good UX

A library of UX screenshots for design inspiration, by Appcues.

Check it out

9. Bootstrap 4 Beta

Piotr Bender shows us what’s new in Bootstrap 4.

See what’s new

πŸ’™ From the publication

5 recommended reads from our publication

1. Why UX Needs To Partner With User Research

Alissa Lee, Designer at IBM, tells us why you might find yourself operating like an octopus as a UX Designer. She explains how we must stay in sync across disciplines such as research, visual design, development and more.

Read now

2. Making of My Portfolio Website

Nikhil Yadav runs us through the thinking and decisions behind his unique portfolio, inspired by Adobe Illustrator.

Read now

3. 10 Practical Steps to Create a Typography System

A case study by Priyanka Godbole on creating a predictable, accessible and harmonious typography system.

Read now

4. User Onboarding Spotlight: Duolingo

Appsee show us some best practices for user onboarding by analysing how Duolingo does it.

Read now

5. Why Designers Deserve More $$$

Sergey Krasotin puts forth his argument about the value of design, with tips on asking for a raise.

Read now

πŸ‘ More design news

Stories worth your time from around the web

Letter to a Junior Designer Advice I wish I had received earlier in my career.

San Francisco based artist and designer. moved to San Francisco in 2013 as a junior designer with only a few years of experience and a desire to dive into the deep end of design. While I have experienced a lot over the past 4 years — and I still have even more to learn as a designer and a professional — I decided to take note of some of the biggest lessons that I wish I could have told my younger self when I first moved to …

Best practices for public speaking in design conferences and events The unpredictability of public s…

Hello, old friend.We all reach a point in our careers when we start speaking in public. Designers, in particular, are pretty good at organizing conferences, panels, meetups, livestreams and other forms of publicly sharing knowledge with fellow designers.Speaking at design events is not only important for the design community as a whole, but also for the people speaking. Here’s why:You get a lot of visibility. People are taking the time to stop what they are doing and listen to …

Mixing different mindsets to build better products – prototypr

The best thing about working inside agencies creative teams is the diversity of work and people that you have the opportunity to undergo in a short period.Having experienced both sides and talking with a lot of friends in the industry I see that the way product teams measure its success is very different from creative teams.Creative teams most valuable capital is ideas.Ideas captivate clients, generate enthusiasm and close business deals. What I mean by that is if you don’t …

How UX laboratory helps to understand users

UX Lab inside Mail.Ru Group HQ represents the internal consulting agency. Any developer, designer or project manager can contact us. Depending on the request, we choose the best methods of research, select the respondents and start testing. Such isolation allows us to be abstracted and “equidistant” from all projects, to preserve independence. We are impartial, not interested in any concrete result, as it should be in any objective research.UX Research today is quite a …

5 Designers Share The Advice That Shaped Their Careers On the importance of designing your life, try…

Design everything with the power of code. Start your free trial at for career advice is hard. But what it boils down to is simple: find a person you respect, with deep experience in your chosen area, and they’ll naturally help connect the dots between your abilities and goals. But just how easy is it to find the perfect design mentor?Turns out, the ideal person could just be a DM away. A few weeks ago, Framer community member Juan Mena, himself a seasoned …

Evolving the Facebook News Feed to Serve You Better by Shali Nguyen and Ryan Freitas

Starting late last year, we set out to explore how we could make News Feed more readable, conversational, and easier to navigate. As you might imagine, designing for a community that connects two billion people can pose some unique challenges.As managers of two teams of designers that bring News Feed to life each day, we are sensitive to the fact that any changes we make can resonate across the entire Facebook experience. In speaking with people who use Facebook around the world, …

Going Material with Gravit Designer

Starting a new project is not always an easy task, but with the right tools in the right hands the work becomes a joy and the result will be very satisfying. Since we have the right hands, now all we need to do now is find the right tools. And if you’re a Windows user like me, there’s no better tool for UI design than Gravit Designer, whether you need to design a mobile app or maybe even a website.Now let’s take a mobile app for example, more specifically an Android …

My best article yet has 5 recommends πŸ’š A story about valuing the quality of feedback over the quant…

I‘m a Full Stack Designer from Denmark who enjoys drinking coffee from funny cups. 14In May 2017 I published an article on a Mobile Tickets app redesign called “I got frustrated with an app, so I redesigned it”. It was a complete usability and interface redesign of an app which had gotten horrible reviews after it got an update.It was my first major personal project and truth be told, I was inspired a lot by these articles which were madly …

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