Newsletters > Issue #27: ✨ 100 Questions Designers Always Ask and 🚀 From idea to #2 on Product Hunt in one week!

✨ 100 Questions Designers Always Ask and 🚀 From idea to #2 on Product Hunt in one week!

Issue #27, Friday August 11

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There’s been a lot of questions and answers this week that can help you improve and rethink the way you work as a designer (or maker). Here’s just a few:

  • Why do we need writers in design?
  • How do you get your foot in the door and grab that first design job?
  • Is it possible to launch a product in just 1 week?

Find out all the answers in section 1’s stories of the week. Then we’ll run through 10 of the best new design tools, resources and updates.

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💙 5 Stories this week

The best articles from our publication and beyond

1. Why we need writers: Better products, services, and companies.

Jess Thoms (not Jess Thomas), Founding Partner at @xandralabs, tells us how championing the design and implementation of language in products and companies is the next step for technology.

Read now

2. How to get that first product design job

Amanda Linden, Director of Product Design at Facebook, gives us a guide for building your portfolio, getting noticed, and interviewing successfully at tech companies

Find out how

3. From idea to #2 on Product Hunt in one week

Aziz Firat, Design Lead at Tidal, tells why for the last two years he’d wanted to launch his own product so much, and then the story of how he made it happen.

Read the story

4. The ultimate developer’s guide to design

Ahmed Sulaiman, Founder of Flawless App, answers the question “How can you do both design, development and business tasks?”

Read the guide

5. 100 Questions Designers Always Ask

Jon Moore tells us why it’s useful to to go beyond design – we need to be part designer, part marketer, part sales person and part user.

Ask the questions

🎁 10 Design Tools and Resources

The best tools, resources and tutorials for your design needs this week

1. Benched: Your own Dribbble portfolio

Your own Dribbble portfolio. Completely free. Get 3 responsive portfolio templates, hosting and custom domain support absolutely free! By Hustle Pizza.

Try the app

2. UX brutalism

A brutalist framework for every step of your design process. Brought to you by

Check it out!

3. Fontface Ninja

Fontface Ninja is a free browser extension that let youinspect, try, buy any fonts on any website

Grab the plugin

4. The Essential Guide to Product Design

Invision have interviewed leading designers at companies like Google, Airbnb, Netflix, Facebook, and Slack to discover the design practices that will help you most.

Read the guide

5. Css Grid Highlighter for Chrome

CSS Grid is a fairly new technique on the web – with this plugin by Vincent Orback you can detect the CSS Grid property on sites that are using it.

Grab the plugin

6. 20 Prototypes easy to replicate in 5 minutes

ProtoPie chose 20 design showcases from around the web to demo what the design community have been making with their tool.

Get inspired

7. All-in-one WebVR creation

Hologram is a pioneer Desktop app that let you create and prototype WebVR in interactive and fun way. No coding knowledge required.

Check it out

8. Publii

Publii is a new kind of blogging experience; an app for building static websites directly on your desktop.

Try the app

9. Get Started With Gravit

gives us an introductory tutorial to Gravit Designer, in her opinion, the next big vector editing program.

Read the guide

10. Above the fold is a myth

Publii is a new kind of blogging experience; an app for building static websites directly on your desktop.

Check it out!

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