Newsletters > Issue #26: 💎 Sketch 46 Brings Private Cloud Sharing ☁, and The Designer’s Guide to Prototyping [2017 edition]

💎 Sketch 46 Brings Private Cloud Sharing ☁, and The Designer’s Guide to Prototyping [2017 edition]

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Welcome to Issue #26

We’ve got lots of great updates and tools for you this week!

Sketch have introduced private cloud sharing ☁️, Invision launched ‘Freehand’, and Framer have dropped a fresh new UI Kit…when will it stop?

As well as everything new on the prototyping front, we bring you 5 great reads and the 5 of the best new design resources packaged up in the following 3 sections:

  • ⚒ 5 prototyping tool updates
  • 📚 5 articles to read this week.
  • 🎁 5 new design tools and resources

⚒ 5 Prototyping Tool Updates

Any update to Sketch is pretty big news for the design community with so many integrations and plugins built upon it – here’s their latest:

1. Private Sharing in Sketch Cloud, Sync Shared Styles shortcuts and more in Sketch 46

Sketch introduce a major new update to Sketch Cloud, vertical text alignment and a few other enhancements to help improve the way you work.

Read the update

2. InVision Freehand: Digital Whiteboards of Today

Jon Moore of UX Power Tools gives us a review of Freehand by Invision, including the problem Invision are trying to solve with this new collaboration tool.

Find out more

3. Fiber: An interactive UI Kit by Framer.

Fiber UI Kit is a new starting point for Framer prototypes. It’s a full-fledged prototype with customizable components to get you started in high fidelity.

Read the update

4. Pikatool is now on Product Hunt

Pikatool, one of our little experiments for comparing prototyping tools, was j on Product Hunt last week after being hunted by Chris Messina – an unexpected surprise. Check it out 😃

View on Product Hunt

5. Designer’s Guide to Prototyping [2017 edition]

If you missed last week’s newsletter, check Joanna Ngai’s article which contains a list of prototyping tools, including their latest updates – from Figma’s 2.0 to and Principle 3.

Read the guide

💥 5 Reads of the Week

Heres 5 great articles all worth your time. And if you don’t have time, they’re definitely worth bookmarking:

1. “As a user” needs to stop.

Janet Taylor explains why writing good user stories is harder than it sounds.

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2. Designing in Small Startups

Felipe Sbravate tells us how we may not always find the ideal environment as designers, and how problems and failed processes are beneficial experiences.

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3. What I Learned Living with an Agile Developer

Two years of living with an agile developer gave Dana Solano the chance to better understand the relationship between Agile developers and UX designers.

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4. Hey Designer, why so fragile?

José Torre is back with some answers to overcoming criticism as a designer.

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5. I Can’t Quit Content First Design

Tony Headrick tells us of the time he was introduced content first design.

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🎁 5 New Tools and Resources

5 tools and resources for all areas of design:

1. Smartmockups App 2.0

Create stunning product screenshots without using Photoshop.

Read Now

2. Shotty – Screenshots on your menu bar

Shotty gives you lightning fast access to all your recent screenshots from the menu bar on your Mac, by Jacob Ruiz.

Download the app

3. A design system manager for Sketch (by Lingo)

Set up, use and evolve a shared design system with the Lingo plugin. Ensure everyone uses the right Symbols, etc.

Get the Mac app

2. Bojler

An email framework for developing responsive and lightweight email templates that’ll render correctly across all clients.

Download the app

3. Storybook 3.2

Storybook helps engineers and designers efficiently and interactively build, browse, review, and test user interfaces.

Get the Mac app

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