Newsletters > Issue #25: Natural Talent is Bullshit and Designing for Performance

Natural Talent is Bullshit and Designing for Performance

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Issue #25: Natural Talent is Bullshit and Designing for Performance

We have 3 sections this week, covering everything from new tools, tutorials and stories – here they are:

  1. 8 stories worthy of bookmarking
  2. 9 new tools and updates
  3. 4 tutorials from the people using the tools

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📚 8 Stories to Bookmark

Top reads this week, from the prototypr publication and beyond:

1. Natural Talent is Bullshit

Simon Pan reminds us to trust ourselves and worry less about others’ success.

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2. What’s the Real Role of a Design Portfolio?

Fabricio Teixeira asks us to stop judging someone’s portfolio before knowing their objectives.

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3. Designing for Performance

Adam Silver tells us why page refreshes aren’t a problem, and how we can reduce the bloat of web pages through design.

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4. Learning to Code in JavaScript

Maret Eiland gives us some honest insight into what it’s like learning how to code, saying how it was fun, but also incredibly difficult.

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5. Are Notifications A Dark Pattern?

Designlab ask if you’ve ever had the nightmare where you’re literally drowning in little red notification badges? Most of us can relate!

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6. Atomic Product Management

TheRobHayes tells us how to implement a product strategy framework your team knows what you’re building and why.

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7. Why Infographics are Not Data Visualizations

Valinda Chan gives us a rundown on the key differences between infographics and data visualisations, and ideas for when to use each.

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8. How I Design Custom Icons

Peter Komierowski goes into detail on the process he uses to create icons for the OpenStack Foundation  (an open-source platform).

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🛠 9 New Tools and Updates

The biggest news this week was Figma’s ‘Developer Handoff’ feature, which helps close the gap between designers and developers. Up to now, we’ve seen a few versions of developer handoff features popping up in prototyping tools such as InVision and UXPin, so it’ll be interesting to see how Figma’s differs. Make sure you check out Figma’s AMA on designer news to find out even more!

In other tools, we’ve seen some updates from Marvel on their cool new ‘Design Tool‘, and also news from Framer about their Dynamic Type Style templates. Check them out below amongst our run down of favourite new tools and updates this week:

Formcarry. | Hassle Free Forms For Designers and Developers
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Help The Design Community Grow

This site is inspired by a post from Juan Mena that you can check out here. The original concept of a mentoring resource list stems from Stephanie Hurlburt’s article “List of Engineers Willing to Mentor You” Don't be shy, don't be afraid to reach out to these designers to ask for help any time. Make sure to introduce yourself a bit and explain what you'd like guidance on. They can help with tutoring, pointing you to resources, resume/interview …
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Announcing Ghost 1.0

About four years ago we launched Ghost on Kickstarter as a tiny little prototype of an idea to create the web's next great open source blogging platform. In the early days we really just focused on just making everything work. Ghost was one of the very first open source Node.js applications, and it certainly came with a steep learning curve. Our first release was Ghost 0.3 in September 2013, and since then there have been a total of 99 releases, all the way up to Ghost …

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Framer Dynamic Type Style templates and animate text in real time |

Introducing Dynamic Type, a seamless way to style and format text, then animate it using real-time data. It’s the TextLayer you know and love, with some great new upgrades.Take text to new heightsIn a previous release, we gave you the ability to add and customize the properties of a TextLayer. But Dynamic Type goes a step further, acting as a bridge between Design and Code. We now allow you to manipulate the very contents of your TextLayer, while still retaining the aesthetic …

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July’s Product Updates at Marvel

Sometimes, smaller incremental changes can go unnoticed alongside major product releases but without them, a product would probably be completely different. It’s the same with Marvel – we’re always making those small changes that lead to a better product. Our success team is constantly listening and sharing your feedback with the rest of the Marvel staff so we can understand how you work and know what’s irritating you in order to prioritise new features …

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Principle 3

The largest update yet Send Events Between Component and Parent Principle 3 adds the ability to route events from a component to its parent, or from the parent into a component. You can even have one component trigger animations in another component. When creating an event, simply hover over a component or the "send to parent" button to send the event there. Learn more Color Drivers Drivers can now drive fill color, stroke color, and shadow color. …
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Figma 2.0: Now with Prototyping and Developer Handoff

Big news in the Figma house today — we’re excited to finally unveil Figma 2.0. It’s an expanded version of the product you love (or at least like a lot, right 😉?) with significant new features: Prototyping and Developer Handoff.In Figma 1.0, we laid the foundation for design in the cloud, creating a product that wouldn’t require any saving, exporting, syncing, or emailing. We built features to help designers work better together, like …

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Photo filters come to Figma – Figma Design

Did you know Figma got its start as a Photoshop competitor? Back in 2012, our co-founder and CTO, Evan Wallace, had a lot of fun pushing the power of browser technology with photo filters and masks.Now, years later, we’re returning to our roots in one small way. We’re introducing a new Image Adjustment feature in Figma that will let you modify the exposure, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint, highlights and shadows of your photos.These are quick fixes that will make …
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🛠 4 Tutorials from the Makers

The reaction to the release of Abstract, and a bunch more new tools!

1. This Will Make You a Sketch Layer Merging Pro

Leon Ephraïm gives us some clarity on merged layers in Sketch.

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2. A Quick Guide to Creating a VR Experience

Andrew Coyle shows us how to use Unity3D as a prototyping tool for creating immersive experiences for the Oculus.

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3. iPad Pro for UX Designers

Taras Brizitsky guides us through the the good, the bad, the ugly when it comes to using the iPad Pro as a designer

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4. A Change In Motion

Juan F. Mena tells us about working with vector-based animations in Framer.

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